Hey Darkness, this story could fall under small town or middle of nowhere category, I'll let you pick.

So I grew up in northern Massachusetts, but spent a good bit of time in Southern New Hampshire. 
The area of Temple, Milford, and Wilton has expansive forest that always gave me the creeps on different occasions. I don't know, something seems "off" about the area. 
It's not surprising, since there's a lot of history here, lots of old foundations, cellar holes, and even the famous Vale End haunted cemetery.

My best friend's parents were divorced, so she would spend weekends at her father's house in Temple. He lived at the end of a dirt road, down a long dirt driveway. 
The house itself was dark and looming, and it was surrounded on 3 sides by forest that butted up against the house, and the front yard was just a driveway and pond. 

My friend always told me she feared the woods, and wouldn't look out the windows at night, due to the proximity of the forest. She's not quite into the paranormal like me, and remains skeptical, but she will entertain it for my sake, because I was always so obsessed with anything scary. 

I started visiting her on weekends, staying over night. We would get ourselves so scared on night walks, and later night drives, and i could tell multiple stories about the things we heard and saw that made us quickly scurry back home, but i will focus on  a couple events. 

One night, my friend and I were in her room, and she was upset about something. I think it was a recent breakup she had. She told me she needed to step outside for a few minutes to blow off steam, and possibly take a short walk. 
I asked if she was crazy to be going out alone like that, and offered to come with her, but she told me, "No."  She assured she'd be back in a few minutes. 

I heard her head downstairs and open the front door. She was only gone maybe a minute, before I heard her rush back inside, and come running up the stairs.  She was breathless and in tears. 
It took a long while of begging her to know what happened, before she'd answer me.
Like I said, she's more skeptical than I, so to see her so scared, was admittedly exciting for my curiosity of all things creepy. 

She told me when she stepped outside and closed the front door behind her, she saw a pair of unfamiliar glasses hanging on the door knocker. These were the large thick rimmed variety, red frames, sort of that 70's or 80's "molester" style, with thick lenses. 
She had no idea where they came from, but felt compelled to put them on. 

I'll try to describe it how she did:  "I put on the glasses and looked out into the yard.  There was a bright circle of light out near my dad's van. It was floating, and I'm not sure if it was actually an orb of light, or the rational part of me thought it could be another light source that was collecting in the center of the lenses, since they were such a strong prescription. 
Either way, I was transfixed on this light.  While this was happening, I heard something to my right crashing through the woods towards me."

"I dont know what it was, but something in my brain was telling me it was canine.  Not a normal canine, but something huge and hellish, like that 3-headed dog in folklore. I dont know why my mind was convincing me it HAD to be something like that, but it was such a strong feeling.  I stayed in a bit of a trance until I snapped out of it and threw the glasses to the ground and ran inside" she said.

Meanwhile, I was excited and wanted to go down and find the glasses. She begged me not to. She was very serious that something bad had happened. 
We waited until morning before venturing outside.
I did eventually find the glasses, and I was playing with them, putting them on, etc. 

My friend did not find this amusing. We asked her father about them, and he said he had no idea who's they were, and that one day he just found them on his doorstep.
This freaked us out even more, because if you saw his rural property, you'd know that the odds of a random person accidentally dropping them by his door, was very unlikely. 

I still have the glasses, though I keep them hidden away because they make me uncomfortable, but my friend wants nothing to do with them.

Fast forward a couple summers, and we were at her father's house again at night, and I knew I had to go out to my car to grab something. 
I dreaded this, I did not want to go out in that yard and make the 50 foot trek to my car in the dark. 
Eventually I had to, and dragged myself out there. 

Immediately, I was hit with even more dread as I walked towards my car. I made the errand quick, and then started to walk back towards the front door. 
My fear heightened and my attention focused towards the side of the house.  Right then, from that area i was watching, was a loud "WhoooOOOP! "
My first thought was, "There are no baboons in these woods!" 

It sounded so primate-like, and I doubt it was an owl because it didnt sound like one, and whatever it was, seemed more ground-level. 
I dont think it was a coyote because I was making my presence known, and the vocalization sounded like it was directed AT me as i was approaching. 
Either way, I was terrified and ran back inside. 

Only years later did I find out bigfoot supposedly make whooping sounds.
I've been trying to listen to different animal calls on youtube, but i cant find anything like it. Maybe a loon is the closest, but even that didnt sound right. 

Now years later, another friend of mine was telling me that she was mountain biking in that general area, and kept turning around because she described a sound that was almost mimicking the sound her bike made, only right behind her. 

She kept stopping to let the other ride pass, only to realize there wasnt anybody.  Then she describes hearing a loud, "Whoop!" behind her, followed by some clicking. 
She told me it didnt sound like a bird, but rather like a human mimicking an animal. 
Her story is what reminded me of my experiences out in those woods.

As it turns out, there have been bigfoot sightings not far from there, but i'll never totally feel comfortable in those woods. 

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Hey Nicole,
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Those glasses sound fascinating!
Thank you for sharing your experience (:
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown."
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