My name is Kalynn and some background about the area I live in is that it’s mostly woods and fields. I was staying the night at my friends house. We both had a huge fascination with werewolves and weird creatures. One night we decided to make a fire and have s’mores. So we went to put wood on the fire, I had a weird feeling like something wasn’t right. It was late at night, we went back to the house to get a lighter and were making our way back to the fire. We were laughing and making jokes when I looked up and behind a tree I saw something strange and scary. It had eyes that reflected in the light from our phones and was quite tall. It looked as if it was watching us. I pushed my friend and said in a scared voice, “ there’s something behind that tree. We need to RUN!” She saw it and screamed. We both ran and I was terrified, my friend tripped on a root and I didn’t notice. I made it to the house and noticed she wasn’t with me any more, she was getting up and running back. We never saw that thing again and always wondered what it was. I got the chills talking about it to her and never told anyone.
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