Hello. This is an experience i had when i was  around 5 or 6 years old.

my cousin Jaz was over for a visit at my great grandmothers. She was staying over for about a week, i don't see her that much since she lives in another country.  One of the nights she stayed over Jaz and me started playing hide and go seek. My great grandmas house was two stories, three if you add the basement so there were lots of places to hide. We cut out the basement as a hiding please since Jaz hated it and it was really cold. I didn't care about the basement i just liked to have fun as a kid. At one point i was the one seeking. I looked around and didn't find her. I got mad because i never lost hide and seek before. I guess i started looking everywhere, even the basement even  tho i knew she wasn't there. I went back upstairs to the second floor and i was about to give up when i saw the door to my great grandfathers room opened. Since my great grandpa passed away No on was aloud in that room. Even my great grandmother, She didn't want anyone going in there. I walked into the room and saw Jaz siting on the bed crying her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong, she told me what happened. ( i don't really remember every little detail but it happened 7 years ago so i will try)

Apparently when she was hiding in the closet of my great grandpas room something touched her arm. The closet was Empty. My great grandma cleaned mostly everything out the only things in the room was his bed, TV, and photos of him, and a stuffed animal that was his I'm guessing. my cousin was terrified. I told her it could have been an animal. But she said the most creepiest thing ever i remember it as clear as day

" NO! it felt human! it was human! "

I thought it was monkey because i thought we were monkeys turned into humans. but to be real here... that made me pee my pants i swear! Yes i know it came from a little kid, but a monkey in the closet isn't really ever happening. I told my Uncle and he checked it out. There was nothing so he told us it was an animal or Jaz was making it up. Then he gave us ( Mostly Jaz) a big talk about how we shouldn't go into my great grandpas room because there's important stuff in there.

3 years ago my great grandma died and me and Jaz were helping everyone clean out her house to sell it since when she died she was in debt. We were looking around my great grandfathers room and taking the photos of him that were in frames all over the room to remember him. It was creepy but also sad, My great grandma cared about him so much. When we were cleaning the room, taking stuff, sweeping, etc. The old TV turned on by itself. No big deal to Jaz but i was scared. That TV was an old box TV and it didn't really work. But i just guess it turned on when my mom was fixing the power box. Before me and Jaz left we heard a noise from the closet. We ran out of there.

I guess there is some expiation to this with out the paranormal stuff, But ether way if i ever had the chance to go back into the room, I wouldn't.

Jaz is home the day I'm writing this. I call her sometimes to say hi since we only see each other twice a year.

I called her yesterday and talked to her about it. She says it was the most scary thing ever.

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