I am a fourteen year old from Virginia Beach. If you are from there, you have definitely heard of First Landing State Park.

I have the dumbest friends on the planet. I will call the first friend David and the second one Rose for the sake of the story. I live in a neighborhood right next to the park. Rose and David asked me if I wanted to walk to the city through the park. I happily agreed and I asked my parents if I could go, and they said yes.
I packed some snacks to take with me. We set out and walked through the forest. 
This was in broad daylight. All three of us heard the word, "Help."
They decided they wanted to help god knows who and they ran into the forest.

I knew this was a trap. I had to go get them and I saw the most intimidating man I have ever seen in the tree line. My friends were frozen in fear. 
I will describe this man as best as possible.  He was at least 6 feet and he was extremely thin. He was as white as paper and the thing that disturbed me the most was his eyes.
They were fully white.

After he, I mean it, had a good look at us it screamed at the top of its lungs and we made a run for it. I could hear unnatural footsteps behind me the whole way home. Once we got back to the house we did some research and nothing matched what we saw.

All three of us don’t talk anymore and I know for a fact that all of us are scarred for life. I will never return to First Landing Park.
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