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It was a late evening on a hot summer day around 01:00 AM, l was on my way home from a bar after we went to the fun fair together l went by bicycle unfortunally, not one of my friends was going in the same direction as me that night. I tried going the long way but the road was closed and l couldn't get passed it not even on foot. So l had to go the long way.

It was a long road where l had to cross a point where there were no lights, just woods. I tried biking as fast ad l could, unfortunally midway my bicycle lights started flickering and l felt a very cold chill come over me. I felt a little spooked but shook it off as it was probably just a cold breeze, even though it was 98 Fahrenheit out. It felt like a -5 wind chill.

I started biking faster because l knew my light was about to go out. I thankfully had new batteries so with all the light l had left l put new ones in and thought l was good to go.
About a half hour later my lights totally shut off, l was now in the dark at 1 am late at night, in the middle of nowhere, with no homes near me for over a mile. I started walking with my bicycle in my hands, being careful about every step. At this time, cellphones had no flashlight and my phone was not charged and died before leaving the bar... I was now sweating and feeling watched from all around me..

Suddenly the forest just went silent. There was no noise, not one noise. I took a quick look over my shoulder and what l saw next made my heart pounce out of my chest. Two big yellow eyes were right behind me. I blinked and they were gone, so l thought "l'm just seeing things relax" "It's just your imagination"

The moment l said that in my mind...A loud piercing scream came from the side of woods, l was now panicking, it didn't sound human, it sounded paranormal, something that  human couldn't make nor an animal.

I now had goosebumps all over my body and started hyperventilating. I was running with my bicycle in my hand straight ahead, scared because l couldn't see a thing..
Than out of the sudden there was a light coming from behind me, l thought it was a car, until it came closer to me, it was a woman, in a long white/red dress, with dark long hair, her eyes were black, she had her mouth open and was screaming, coming right at me, she was clear as day.

At that moment l lost it, l went on my bicycle and l just started biking at that moment l just didn't care if l'd hit something. Scared, l kept going until l didn't see her anymore.
I just kept going and going. I started seeing a lot of lights and l went to it, l realized l was now standing near a busy road, l started following the road on my bike scared too death, l then finally recognized a sign that led to my hometown, it was 6 miles by car, l ran for hours further away from my parents house After 3 hours l finally made it home

What did l see?  Was this some type of demonic entity? Was it a lost soul haunting the woods? If someone has experienced something like this, please tell me, l am praying l will never experience something like that again.

Thank you for reading my story.

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