This story happened about three years ago at my family's cabin in Michigan.

We were having a family reunion during Christmas break. My brother and I were talking and drinking around the fire until, CRACK! Something broke what sounded like a tree.
"What was that?" I asked giving my brother a confused look. He shrugged.

"You boys and I should go take a look." My dad said grabbing his rifle.

"Dad why the hell would you need you rifle?" My brother asked. He got no response.
We walked outside into the snow night and walked around the back of the cabin where the sound came from.
We didn't see anything but we did hear something. A strange howl mixed with a scream.
"Jesus, what in gods name was that!" My brother yelped.

That's when it stepped out of the forest. A tall, pale creature with a deer skull covering it's face, blood dripping from it's mouth.
None of us said something, frozen in fear.
It stared with it's deep hollow eyes.That's when we heard the boom of my fathers rifle. That snapped us out of the trance.
We ran back to the cabin. Hours later my Father returned.
We said nothing to our family members.
After some time we tried to sleep, I glanced out the window and saw it's hollow eyes staring back at me.
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