I’m not a story writer or a horror fanatic but I do like to listen to some scary stories but this is a real experience I had one day at me new house. It was around 4 a.m. when I started to hear noises coming from outside my window. I thought my neighbors might be cleaning their cars or dragging a tarp down their driveway, but I looked, and there were no people. Of course, I was confused and concerned that I might be hearing things, but it got louder as I put my ear to my window.

I kept looking outside for about an hour till I heard a turkey which are quite a common sight. I love to watch them, so I tried to find them, but I couldn't. It was like it was just out of sight trying to hide, so I stuck my head out of my window to look around the chimney.

But still nothing around my house.

I started to hear the static again, and I kept watch until I saw something that I didn't expect to see. It was large and transparent like a ghost. It had two arms that came to a point with no hands or paws. It had shorter legs. The creature looked large. It stood over my neighbor's bushes that were over 7 feet tall. It stopped when I started watching it more carefully, so I ducked down behind my curtain so it wouldn't see me, but I was too late.

When I looked back up after 5 minutes of that noise growing so loud, it was almost deafening when it stopped all of a sudden. I started to relax and try to calm down by watching American Dad, but I still felt terrified, and I've seen some terrible things that made me question whether humans are the good guys, but this was the icing on the cake. I started to hear something that resembled the sound when you ping your iPhone from your Apple watch, but mine was on the charger. I got up to check if it was malfunctioning, but it was dead. It was dead for about an hour.

Then it started to get louder, and I got scared even more. I tried to cover my ears with everything, but it was useless. It was in my head.

Eventually it started to fade, but I felt something keep pushing me and pressing into my bed. I knew it wasn't my mind playing tricks, and I was trapped in a room with this thing. I held my cross in my heart and my knife to the air waiting to die, but it stopped. I wasn't being touched. I wasn't hearing it, and I wasn't dead.

The thing backed off. I don't know if it has left me, or is in my home waiting. Be warned because I doubt that you'll be as lucky as I was. (If anyone knows what this is please tell me because I cannot find anything like this online or in any books)
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