I’m a female, and I live in England. I was about thirteen years old at the time this happened. My mum and I had a huge fight (as we usually did when I was young)  and she kicked me out of the house. Having no phone to contact friends and it being past 11 at night, I did what I had to do and went to the woods to find cover from the brain, right next to my secondary school. I found a nice dry patch of thick grass under a big tree, and tried to grab some sleep before I ventured to my friends  house in the morning.

I’d been smart enough to bring a throw blanket with me, which helped protect me from the cold November chill. I can sleep almost anywhere, anytime. It’s a talent of mine.

I awoke rudely and suddenly.

The woods around me where dark, and it was freezing   cold. Still raining. I checked my watch. It was around 2.30 am, and I settled back down to try to go back to sleep, when I heard a shriek. Not a human shriek, but an animalistic shriek that terrified me and shook me to my core. Jumping up from my makeshift bed, I gathered my backpack  and stuffed my blanket in there, keeping  my eyes peeled. I was quite deep in the woods, and it was hard to  see. Squinting my eyes, I almost jumped as I heard the shriek again. It was closer now, uncomfortably close.

I sling my backpack over my shoulder, and quickly moved.

I kept looking around, but it was almost useless. I could see the shadows of the branches dancing on the forest floor as the moonlight just breeched the canopy above. I moved as quickly as I could, trying to avoid any sticks in the undergrowth. I heard the shriek again, from somewhere close behind me. Whipping around, I scanned the area quickly, looking for the source of the horrific sound, and a place to find cover.

There was a few bushes to the left of me, which I quickly hid behind. I could hear fast approaching footsteps, but whatever was behind me was not on two feet.

It sounded like it was  on all fours. My eyes had begun to adjust properly to the darkness, so I took a chance and looked. Peeking out of the top of the bush, my eyes widened with horror as they clapped on a grotesque creature.

It was humanoid in shape from what I could see, impossibly skinny, with long arms and legs. It’s skin was grey, with dark patches of thin hair dotted around its body, and I could see the profile  of its face. It’s eyes were large and black, it’s nose Was like a dogs, tilted upwards and sniffing the air. It’s mouth opened, and I could just about make out rows of pointed, needle like teeth. I suppressed a scream, frozen in fear. It was still sniffing the air, moving it’s head slightly from left to right. Looking for me. I adjusted my footing, and trod straight onto a stick. It snapped, the sound echoing through the air. The creatures head  snapped to  my hiding place, and our eyes met.

Another shriek, and I jumped  up and ran in the opposite direction. I ran and ran, and I could hear whatever that... thing was hammering on the undergrowth behind me. I let out  a scream,  to anyone that could hear me, praying silently as I stumbled and cried and thrashed through the brush.

‘Help me!’ I yelled, but the sound came out strangled. Hot tears streamed down my face as  I could hear the creature gaining on me. If it was going to be the end of me, then I wasn’t going to give up without a chase. Suddenly, I heard a voice I never thought I’d hear again. My mother’s. Shouting my name!!

“MUM IM HERE!” I shouted, my voice clear  now. “HELP ME!” I could now see the exit of the woods, and I nearly fainted in relief.

I could see flash lights and hear the voices of men and women, all calling my name. As I neared the exit, I chanced a look behind me. I couldn’t see or hear  the creature anymore, but I didn’t slow my pace, in fact I sped up. Knowing safety was in sight. Pushing with all my might, I could feel my legs and chest beginning to burn with exertion.

As I cleared the last few trees, I heard the shriek again, further away now. I thanked God or whatever merciful force had assisted me that night. I  saw my mum at the mouth of the woods, and I hurdled straight into her arms, screaming and crying. I didn’t even look at  the police around me, I just clutches my mother close as I sobbed.

I awoke later that morning in the hospital. A policeman questioned me, asking me how My clothes were so torn up, and why my face and hands were covered in deep scratches. I guessed I had done it while tearing through the branches. I told him the entire story,  my eyes filling with tears as I recounted the encounter with the beast. He looked bemused, asking if I’d had a bad dream. He didn’t believe me,  nor did my mum.

She had gone round all  my  friends houses asking if I was there, and when She couldn’t find me, she had  called the police and they searched the woods first. Regardless of whether they  believe me or not, if they had went somewhere else before the woods, I doubt I’d be here now.  

I’m now twenty three, and I’m still haunted by nightmares of the creature. I’m not sure  what it was that chased  me that night, nothing I’ve researched matches the description, despite endless searching. I obsessed over this creature for months, to the point I could think of little else. I try and put it behind me now, but sometimes, I can hear that shriek in my dreams.

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Nice story 
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probably the  rake

(I don't believe this, but if it is real, holy crap
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