It was me and 2 of my buddys on a camping trip deep in the woods, far away from civilization. We all hiked for about 2 miles back in the woods at around 9 in the morning. Once we found a nice spot we set up camp, around 1 or so we settled down and talked for awhile,it was just about 1:30 now and we all went on a little hike and we got back when it was 3. They are lazy so they slept till dark and got up around 9 pm and they set by the fire while i layed in my tent and i knew something was wrong i could feel it and as i was getting out of my tent we heard a strong screech and it was very unpleasant to the ears. My buddys started laughing they were thinking it was a deer or something but i knew from there we weren't alone....I told them that i didn't feel right and needed to be away from the place for a bit and i took off. I didn't know where i was going but i went so far i couldn't see the fire light anymore i was terrified i took a seat near a large tree, and i was trying to think positive so i didn't look like a wuss in front of the guys. When i started feeling a little better i stood up and soo as i did i heard the loudest screech and then a scream coming from the camp. I did have a knife on me but i was still petrified i didn't know if i should go back to camp or run for it. Then i got the idea that they were acting like that to scare me so i walked back to the camp just as i saw the light of the fire i didn't see movement everything was still. As i got closer and closer i smelled a awful smell like rotten fish and faeces, then i saw a hair less skinny creature on all fours with long sharp bloody claws and a peice of flesh between its sharp teeth. i froze and it crawled into the darkness, looking around the camp as i saw my two buddys one ripped in shreds half eaten and the other with throat ripped out and big scratch on his back i started crying and whispered to myself "what the hell is this thing" the camp was untouched except for the chairs knocked over and one of them had a hugh claw mark in the middle of it. I had no thoughts but to stay still but my body forced me to turn around and run. As i turn around there it was 10 yards from me staring at me with its dark black eyes it opened its mouth and crawled towards me with the intention to kill. I pulled out my knife slowly and i didn't plan to battle this thing so i threw my knife at it and ran the other way i heard a big screech as i ran so fast i was skipping across rocks it felt like, i ran till i saw my truck and i hopped in and i remember i left my keys at camp and it is 3 miles back to the city, i couldn't run that. I quickly locked the doors and hid down it the seat i fell asleep and woke to light. I ran back to camp and when i showed up the 2 bodies gone and nothing else was there but blood and bloody trail leading deeper in the woods i grabbed my keys, ran back to my truck and drove away. THE END *(made up on my own)*
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