I live in a small town in Oklahoma. Shortly after moving into my dream house in the country, a creature began stalking me . It started in the winter when my roommate called me when I was out of town and he said "Hey where's the ammo for your rifle?

"I said it's by my bed. Why? ".

He said "There's a big black animal as big as a German shepherd in the field behind the house". 

I went to the spot after I got back home and saw feline tracks. I've never seen such a large black feline before  but I've heard stories of them escaping from Zoos. Several weeks later and I set up foot traps for Coyotes in my back pasture and I went to check my trap one morning .

I caught a skunk that had been devoured and my blood ran cold as I saw feline tracks around the area.  Several months went by and one morning I went to my truck to get my charger and the noises all around me suddenly stopped and I heard a ear piercing scream that sounded like a woman screaming or a baby wailing. I ran inside and locked all the doors. I haven't seen it recently but I had a large Coyote trap I had set up go missing along with the metal stake it was attached to that was drove into the ground 14 inches and have large feline tracks around the area again since.
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Great story. If it's not any trouble, please keep us updated because it sounds really interesting and creepy.
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Darkness Prevails
Hey @Mcredneck I love the story, but I'd really like to see it longer and more fleshed out. If that's possible, I'd love to narrate it. As it is now, it's just too short to narrate on most of my usual videos.
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sounds like the Black Beast of Exmoor
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