I tried sending this experience before but my laptop crashed  as i tapped the send button and i now have a new laptop. I've told this experience to multiple people but only a few believe me and honestly, i havent seen it for my own eyes i probably wouldnt believe it either so i dont hold it against people who dont believe this. I'll tell you what happened a few years ago when i visited my friend in america. 

My friend picked me up from jfk airport with his pick-up truck. "Hé buddy good to finaly see you in the flesh" and we bro-hugged, then walked to his truck to put my luggage in the trunk. He was surpisingly quiet for him but after about twenty minutes he dropped the bomb saying "I'm sorry buddy but the problems between caroline and i have gotten even worse and we need to talk everything out as soon as we arrive so we thought that you would love to take the truck and go to our cottage to take things easy and not having to hear us yell all the time". I wasnt all that surprised that they were fighting again but i was gonna stay for 2 weeks and thought i'd stay with them. "Allright man just make sure you two figure it all out ok" was all i could get out of my mouth. We arrived at his place, put the adress in his gps and i drove off. The bad thing was that it was a 18 hour drive so i knew i had to pick a place to sleep because there was no way i was gonna drive that in one go. 

As i had driven 14 hours now i saw i needed to fill up the truck. I pulled over to a gasstation and got ready to put the gas in the car until i heared "well look at that there cletus a new guy". My head turned to where the voice came from and i saw 2 guys that were the stereotype for hillbillies. They had rifles in their hands sitting in the back of the truck before me and i heared the other guy say "yeah he looks a little heheheh". A young woman then came out of the front of the car and slammed her hand against the car shouting "hè you two act your age and stop being stupid". She opened the boot of the trunk and the two guys jumped out to which they put their rifles down on it. "just go get the things you need for your night hunting and pay for my gas" and i saw the two guys just walk in the store. She grabbed the hose and put it in the truck and started filling her truck up and i did the same thing. She smiled at me and said "hi i'm mary-jo, sorry about those two idiots so are you going hunting as well" i answered her "hi, no i'm not a hunter". I chuckled while saying "that could be because i love animals to much though" and mary-jo smiled again while checking the back of the truck. "i can see that, you look more like a camper after all" and i saw her checking out the trunk of the truck. "sorry about cletus and orville, they aint exactly the smartest" to which i just replied "yeah i kinda noticed that". "do you have  anything to protect yourself with in case you get attacked by some of the wild animals here" mary-jo asked me and i could only say "uhm no i dont". Mary-jo pulled out a gun from behind her back and handed it to me saying "well just return this to the sherrifs office in the morning, my dad is the sherrif". She then hung the hose back, cletus and orville walked to the car and jumped into the trunk. The two made offensive remarks and gestures at me which got me pretty ticked off. I hung the hose back and walked into the shop, paid for the gas, bought some food for the night and walked back to the truck. I saw a park ranger standing at the truck. The ranger just looked at me and said "i see you are planning on camping  here sir" to which i said yes as i placed the stuff i bought on the passenger seat. "well sir then might i suggest you take a left at that there cafe and after about a mile or 2 you turn right and then there is a prefect place to stet up camp and enjoy the forest" and ofcourse i thanked the ranger and went on my way to the spot the ranger told me about. 

I parked the truck, took the tent out and walked to a bit setting up the tent and putting the sleeping bag in. After a while i heared some branches break and i looked at the place to see a young woman. Ofcourse i stood up to see if she was ok and it looked like she was lost. "uhm are you ok" and the young woman only nodded to which i asked "are you lost". Aagin she nodded to which i asked her name. With a raspy but still gentle soft voice, like a sweet kids voice that has been shouting to much, she said "klara". Her pitchblack hair fell infront of her face and she walked up to me. We then sat down together to which i said "i'll take you to the sherrif tomorrow ok because its getting pretty late ok". Klara nodded again and i walked to the truck to grab the other sleepingbag. I made the sleepingbag ready for klara and i put the gun under my pillow with the safety on. When i got out of the tent klara saw just standing there looking up to the trees and i did the same thing. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the bright moonlight lighting through the trees and smiled while looking back at klara. The moonlight was so bright that there were actual shadows cast and when looked at klara. She was standing in the shadow for the most but a small part of her right eye wasnt in the shadows and i swear i saw that part of her eye was glowing red. There was some rusling near us and i saw a deer walking. It looked so calm and i didnt wanna disturb its peacefull walk. Klara put out her hand and the deer just walked to her putting its head against her hand. I slowly walked to the deer and i could actualy pet it. It was exciting petting a wild deer and for a while i forgot that the eye of klara was red earlier. After the deer ran off i made dinner from the food i had bought but klara only had 2 bites. I just imagined that she was to scared being with a stranger so i didnt pay it much attention. After a few uneventfull hours i said i was gonna go to sleep and klara went in for the night as well.

A while later though i was woken by a loud sound. I looked next to me and saw klara wasnt there. Then i heared a voice say "hehe looky here orville that right be a fine specimen" followed by laughter. I recogniced the voices as cletus and orville from the gasstation. Pulling out the gun from under my pillow i searched for my pants. I put on my pants with the key of the truck scraping against my leg. Then i heared a shot and cletus and orville were laughing again. My heart pounded while i thought about klara and what those two idiots could have done to her. I took the safety off of the gun and was getting ready to go out of the tent when i heared a shriek that hurt my ears. Another gunshot could be heared and after that i heared orville screaming "brother no". That was followed again by another shot which was immedeately followed by that shriek. More screams came from the other side of the tent and then it was silent. Not even a cricket could be heared as i slowly opened the tent. I looked around and saw the bodies of cletus and orville lying on the ground. I then noticed that neither body was moving and i then looked closer at the body of orville and saw the bodyof klara lying on it not moving either. My god i couldnt protect her was all i could think and my gaze fell on the body of  cletus and looked as his neck. It was gushing blood and then i could hear the sound of dripping. Like a faucet dripping with a  puddle in the sink. I then saw the body of klara moving or her head at least. I then heared the sound of flesh being torn and then i saw it. Klara had turned her face towards me with her hair infront of her face but her glowing red eye could be seen. Out of fear i readied the gun and pointed it at klara. She stood up very slowly with blood dripping from her mouth and my hands started shaking from fear. As her mouth opened, revealing razorsharp bloodcovered teeth, she let out that shriek and i just ran to the truck. I pressed the button to unlock the truck, opened the door and immedeately closed the door to start the truck. No sooner had i started the truck the shriek again could be heared and i saw klara was walking towards the truck. 

Immedeately i put the pedal to the metal driving like a madman getting away from that creature that called itself klara and soon i hit tarmac and just kept going. I dont know what i was thinking looking in the rearview mirror but i did and i was surprised to see her keep up with the truck. No she wasnt keeping up she was actauly gaining on me to which i drove even faster. I looked at the speedometer and saw i was doing 65 miles an hour. The only place i was looking at right now was in front of me.  After i hit the citylimit i heared the shriek another time and i now felt save looking in the rearview. I was happy to klara fading in the rearviewmirror but i still kept going. After a while i put the truck at the side of the road putting my head on the wheel catching my breath but then a knocking on the window was heared. It startled me but then i saw mary-jo and i opened the window. "so uhm you ok" but i couldnt say a word before she opened the door and said "ok so we are going to my place now". 

I skooted over and let mary-jo drive while i told her that i was running from a wild animal. When we arrived at her place i handed her her gun back and she looked at me. "you're bleeding follow me" and i followed her. I hadnt even noticed that i was bleeding but i saw blood on my left arm which she cleaned. She looked at me and said "you must have hit some bushes or something". She told me she didnt have a guestroom ready since she was fixing it and wanted me to sleep in the same bed as it was the only one. I said i'm fine on the couch and she made a bed for me there. I couldnt fall asleep though and heared a mild knocking on the door so i got up, unlocked the door and opened it. All the stuff i had left behind were all packed neatly and lying on the pourch. I looked around but then heared the shriek yet again. Not long after mary-jo came running through the dooropening and just yelled "what was that". We took the stuff on the pourch into the house then mary-jo packed up my pillow and sheets and said "you're sleeping in my room now". 

We were woken by the doorbell and mary-jo walked downstairs. I got dressed and went downstairs to see mary-jo talking to the sherrif, who was her dad, and the parkranger i had met the day before. They told her about the fate of orville and cletus and she let a few tears flow but said she wasnt surprised that they were dead as she said that with those two it was just a matter of time. I ended up staying a few days at mary-jo's and i'm still in contact with mary-jo up till this day. A few days ago i even had a skype call with her and her mother was there and told me something intereseting. She said that even when she was a child that shriek could be heared from time to time and that her father said that it was the protector creature of the forest claiming a victim but as long as you mean no harm to the creatures in the forest it will spare you.
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