Creature by the window

This story is 100% true. My name is Alex, my story takes place in my house where I still live today.

I was 6 years old when this happened. We recently bought a dog she's a Pomeranian. She's really sweet and she's bigger than a regular sized Pomeranian.

I was home alone with my brother and the dog. It was night time and I was down stairs in my living room.

I was watching TV with my dog sitting right next to me when all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched. I looked around when I saw it a tall dark shadow of a thing. I couldn't see any facial features on the thing.

I wanted to get a better look but when I stood up and started walking towards the creature  my dog blocked me. My dog started to growl and some how the creature sensed or heard my dog because it turned around. The first thing I noticed was its greenish glowing eyes. It was hunched over and and at least 6 foot tall.

The creature started to scratch the window. It had long thin fingers with giant sharp claws. It looked like it had no fur.

I wasn't scared, I was curious. I got my flashlight and shined it on the creature. It's face was the face of a dog but so wrong and messed up. I was frozen in fear when I saw its face. The creature screamed after I shined the flashlight. The scream sounded like a dog whimpering and a human scream mixed together. It was horrifying.

My dog started to bark when the creature screamed.

The creature stood up I couldn't see the face anymore just its chest. I think it was about 8 feet tall. Then it ran away into the darkness at a unbelievable speed even though it was huge. It was gone in 10 seconds.

I ran upstairs and told my brother what happened. My brother said he heard nothing the whole time.

I didn't get any sleep that night. The next morning I went outside to the window the creature had been at and I saw huge foot prints but I didn't dare to follow them. Also I saw scratch marks on the window. I still live in the house today. I'm 13 now and I still have a clear picture of the creature in my mind.

That night I think I saw a skinwalker. I don't care if you don't believe this story but I now what I saw that night.

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