To start this story I should probably explain the when and where. My family has a cabin in northern Alberta on a beautiful lake called island lake. It’s pretty much out in the middle of nowhere I was about 18 at the time of this story. The family cabin had recently been reconstructed into a full fledged house like cabin as the rules for outhouses where being changed. The cabin was still under construction and was being painted at the time. My dad decided to take me up hunting for the weekend with my best friend at the time.

Out at the cabin my passion has always been  building fires and chopping wood so one night on that weekend I decided around midnight to go down the stairs descending to the beach and build a fire in the firepit my dad and friend where asleep at the time so I decided to just go about doing my thing. When suddenly I heard crackling in the bushes on the neighbours property.

Our neighbours have a very dense forest connecting to a local campground on there property. I brushed it off as a raccoon or something and continued about making the fire when I finally got the fire going I stopped to look at the stars when suddenly I heard a growl coming from the bushes.

I turned in the direction to see a pair of eyes staring right at me.

I couldn’t make out the figure so I went into the shed to grab a flashlight when suddenly I heard a bang on the side of the shed from inside I turned to look up at the window of the shed and I wish I had not there before my very eyes where those same eyes staring directly at me through the tinted window. Suddenly a feeling of dread fell upon me as I realized I had left the shed door open and I could hear what sounded like claws dragging along the side of the shed I realized that this thing must have been at least 7 feet tall as the shed was from the old cabin and was sitting on planks to keep it standing up it was about 9 feet tall and the window sat at the 7 foot point.

I realized whatever this thing was it would clearly overpower me as all the guns where inside the cabin and I had nowhere to run. I thought to myself this is it this is the end when suddenly my father stepped out onto the deck of the cabin and turned on the bright lights facing downwards to the beach and yelled my name and said. “Are you down there” the scratching stopped and I heard the creature run off into the bushes as if scared by the light.

Quickly without even putting out the fire I ran upstairs to the cabin and rushed inside as fast as I could briefly stopping to look to the bush by the neighbours cabin, there towering at least 7 feet tall as I suspected was this “thing” a werewolf I’d like to think. Staring at me from between two trees almost smiling. I went inside and locked all the doors. I never saw that thing again. But to this day when I am out there sitting by the fire at night. I can’t help but feel I am being watched. Who knows when the creature will show up next or if it ever left.

Maybe it’s just there waiting in the bush for some unsuspecting victim. A small child or dog to walk out at night. So it can pounce and drag you back into the woods. I have never spoke of this encounter until today. And I’m glad I’m finally sharing it. 
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