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What you are about to hear is more of a report than a story as this is an incident unforeseen and suddenly realized at the moment I came under attack.

I will have to back up to the day before when after a late night scouring an area in Little Rock\, Arkansas just outside the city limits where industrial mining and processing of materials operations are carried out 24/7-365days a year for a wide range of technical/industrial purposes.

So with the local legends of bottomless pits,Quick Sand, Masses of Cotton Mouth snakes, and other folklore in mind most of which I learned over the 40 plus years I lived in the area, just 1.4miles away since 1967 and I have enjoyed hunting/fishing  at every available opportunity or chance I had within reason putting my responsibilities in helping my parents pay the freight so to speak at a very early age without drawing straws with my little brother and 2 sisters to be fair but wisdom came with all of those chances to get away from that lawnmower,dishwasher,busboy,and I won't bore you with more high level achievements under my belt , I was Scouting an area of Mountain Range that is on the east side of highway that the centerline defines the boundary the County /City limits and were annexed early 80'sand so forth/.

With my home work done as rigorous it was but just reflecting back to that early morning drive to work brought me and the biggest Deer I have ever lain eyes on to this day out in the wild or semi wild neck of the woods I called home I guarantee you the truth.

I had penetrated the area targeted well before dawn and using a map I rendered hours earlier I was fairly certain I was in a sweet spot that I determined from Google Earth those good folks I Thank for their part in my hunting/fishing so much more Thanks'! I prepared lure's on paper towels dyed woodland camouflage myself in pattern with Doe in Estrous made synthetically by Tink's and yes it Tink's! Also Doe in Heat by Wildlife Research Both great products that work for me.

From that point I began making a circle with a scent drag grounded and as high as I could reach 6ft 4inches tall 8ft.

I guess. every 50 steps or less until I made a full circle. Then went to the center where I'd make my stand. Preparing takes time and I'll spare you the details, I headded back to my truck late again and plum wore out but @4:00hours you bet my ass was tote-ing my .50cal.muzzleloaderand possibles quietly as possible to my stand which was simply the base of a double pine tree that I cleared the base of from debris the day before.

It was October and 2016 and I would have my climber paid off and in possession next time I trekked here. But the ground it was for now.

Sitting quiet, listening for almost 2 hrs. in pitch dark it started to twilight at the break of dawn and the feeling of it's opening day of Deer season that only comes around once a year and the lucky morning I saw that buck hooking a bush on my way to work that morning probably polishing those beautiful antlers that were a bonus for this old boy that has no club or other place to hunt but where nobody else does or wants and always a damned loser going home but this time I'm taking those with the precious venison I see wasted by so many sport deer shooting clubs and timber company hunting leases that even make this loser feel better losing another season still having all of my tags at the end.

But that and every other thought in my mind went like Whoa! I saw! There! OOOh! That's Him ! No! It's a herd of them! Oh my God! They're coming right towards me! Man I couldn't make up my mind on what to do when I realized they were a pack of 15-20 Coyotes trailing me up every step I guess from the scent drags, I can only tell you the First one I shot was the last and I had to start swinging my rifle at the rest coming from every direction how many exactly how the hell would I know I probably had a better chance at keeping count of the pieces of my rifle flying in all directions so that in case I made it through this I might try loading it again since it was brand new.

I cannot say how long accurately it was but I was about spent when I noticed the coyotes heading away to my right and one more here and another there falling in trail of the other and I could not have lasted another minute. I could not believe what had just happened, I wasn't in a lot of pain but I was exhausted and just covered with blood and bites,scratches, and my hands were tore up from the wild swings that missed the coyotes and hit the pine tree instead .

I know it sounds like it was and that was crazy and hard to believe but as bad as I felt like I needed to I was not laying down to rest. It was to real to be a bad dream. I knew it was on my feet and get a move on if I didn't want to be eaten.

The one I shot at was hit and the .50cal hollow point jacketed bullet passed through and embedded the lead core in a 4-6inch Hickory sapling leaving the copper jacket laying a foot or 2 on the leaves in front of it. Blood all over but no Coyote in sight. I got the hell out of there and will not ever go in the woods with just a muzzleloading rifle. It is legal to take a BlackPowder pistol for backup. A hunter was gored to death this past season just an hour or so north of here during MuzzleLoader Deer season 2019.

One thing I need to mention for some maybe is that I did manage to pull my knife from the scabbard but lost my grip on it and retrived it later but lost a boot knife somewhere and not found still to this day. Be careful and be safe. I still enjoy hunting/fishing I just have a hightened sense of my surroundings and stay more alert and no longer take naps outside period. Well I hope I didn't leave anything out but there it is,that's what happened. Your welcome to tell it. I'm answering your email and I am not sure if it meets your needs but it is what it is. Thanks for 
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