This story isnt mine,  i was their but not during the sighting. 

I Am a lover of history of all sorts, and so is my friend Gary. We decided too go to multiple spots, on the east coast to be mesmerized, by historic revolutionary war towns and locations. And were we "surprised," our trip included Virginia, south Carolina, and New Jersey, and New York. 

New York, was were this happened,  the battle sight, was the free man farm. Or what everyone know is the, "Battle of Saratoga". We stoped at a motel and uber too the feild, we walked and walked like a kids at Disney world. All excited it started getting late and we decided too get an uber and return for the night.

Gary said, "the uber is 45 minutes out". I agreed, then huncked back on a rock for support of my tired legs. And slow enjoyed the sun setting, and knodded off too sleep. "THAT'S MY PART"


I saw mitch resting over their next too the tree, and was looking out amongst the trees and feilds. When i see what apears tobe a tri-cap, " tri-cap is the style of hat they wore in uniform during that time". Its almost 9:45pm their no reenactment going on at this time. So i stood up, to get a better look. And too my amazement their was about 10 or so in this half grown corn feild, and they was coming towards us!! 

So waited for them to reveal their selfs, as they got closer i saw the were apart of the 10th brigade by identifying marks on their red jackets. But once they started clearing the end of the corn feild, i noticed everything below the waste was gone!! " nothing i mean nothing!" No leggs, no feet! But they were still coming in a fast march but in order. 

I froze in fear, and confusion. And watched them walk right past and thru me and Mitch, while they march thru us some did turn and watched me but only for a moment or so, before i knew it the they were gone . And followed by a beam of light from the ubers car.

I didnt speak of this too mitch, till we got back home. Only cause  i wasnt sure of what exactly happened.
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Catholic origami
Civil war. Brother killing brother. Emotions can often cause these unaware ghost images or as some call them, “spiritual echos”. Harmless unless they become something more able and willing to manipulate the physical world. Also patterns are seemingly important. I am not an expert but this makes sense right? Battle fields are never at peace. Gettysburg’s a great example.
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The Supernatural Scribe Tonya Brooks
It's neat that he got to see British soldier ghosts from the Revolution. I can't help but think about my favorite TV show that got cancelled, Sleepy Hollow. 
Always Haunted
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