Noah Levi
Let me start the story off with a little background. My name is Noah and I live far out in the country, where you have to drive about 45 minutes to get to town. Or to any store, unless you're going to a liquor store. So basically there's nothing around but trees, and a small lake. I've always loved walking around in the woods, it's calming. It's always quiet, with the occasional birds chirping. It was the middle of summer in 2017, and I was 15. Walking around in the woods as I usually do, but things felt weird. I felt a certain stillness.

No sound, not even the birds. I brushed it off, since it wasn't too bad. Keep in mind it was around 9:30 pm. When the sun was just going down, I would be out there until about 11:30 pm. My parents were always okay with it because they'd grown up there and knew the woods very well. My father even hunted in those same woods. That night I was walking around as usual and heard a loud crunch from behind, with instinct I jumped and turned around. But nothing was there, again I brushed it off as some animal. Like a deer or a coyote as I'd seen them wondering around here before and they never bothered me. I kept walking but something again, wasn't right. I felt like I was being watched and not just the normal someone looking at you. I felt paranoid and very panicky. What I felt had it's eyes on me wasn't human, it was something way more sinister. I decided to go back to my house for the fear of something bad happening to me.

Fast forward about 20 minutes, and I'm back at home. I went to bed as usual, but woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my clock and it was 3 am. I got up looking outside at the trees surrounding my house. But as I scanned the woods, I saw something; something glowing. Two bright yellow eyes, and it wouldn't of been as bad if they weren't nearly 7 feet off the ground! Otherwise I'd be able to assume it's a wolf or something. But this, this was not something even remotely close to human or animal. I stared, unable to move, then it left. I didn't sleep that night, I laid awake wondering what it was. The next day I decided to be dumb me and go out in the woods again, it's Sunday night by the way. Around the same time I went out and walked around. Every so often I heard footsteps behind. Not normal light footsteps of an animal. Huge and loud footsteps. I instantly thought of the thing I saw last night, turned around and headed back home. When I heard another crunch, I looked behind me and there it was..... A huge creature. It had a wolf head, deer legs, huge human like hands but they had claws, it's arms hung down nearly to the ground. It's body was fuzzy and matted. It had yellow glowing eyes and sharp teeth. Every tooth was as big as a wolf's canine tooth. I screamed louder than I've ever screamed before, and tried to back up slowly so I didn't anger it with sudden movements, but I tripped and fell backwards. The creature growled loudly, not any normal grow. it sounded like clicking with the miss of a lion and a jet engine. Very deep and loud. I scrambled onto my feet and ran, I heard it behind me, it was so close I could feel it's hot breath on the back of my neck. Then it's low growl again, echoed through the forest, louder than before and I felt a sharp pain go down my back and I screamed in agony, but kept running. I couldn't run much longer, I was out of breath and I wanted to collapse from the pain in my back. I finally reached the treeline and saw my house. But then I noticed everything was silent again, the creature was gone.

I walked slowly back to my house and told my parents. It was almost 11 pm. They freaked out rushing me to the hospital and I had to get 18 stitches. I haven't gone back in those woods at night ever again. But I can still feel it's eyes on me every time I awake in the night. Those sinister glowing yellow eyes.
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