Alot of people have different beliefs in the paranormal, but I've always been fascinated by it, it's sort of a hobby I guess. But after this experience I will forever have a new perspective on the Unexplained.

This happened a few years ago when a friend of mine was in a serious car accident, me and a group of our other friends went to the hospital to visit but he was still in surgery so we sat in the waiting room for any news. At one point I got restless and decided to make my way to the cafeteria for some coffee as it was in the very early hours of the morning. As I'm making my way down the somewhat empty halls I hear footsteps approaching from behind.

I turned expecting to find a nurse or maybe one of my friends coming to join me but there was nobody, and the hall was silent save for the few normal noises like machines or distant muffled chatter of workers. Something felt off but I tried to ignore it as me not being a fan of hospitals and turn to continue walking. That's when a sudden feeling washed over me and I freeze in place. 

You know that tingling feeling you get when somebody is standing behind you, goosebumps wash over you and you turn expecting to see someone. Well this is what I did but I was once again met with the emptiness of the hall. The feeling persisted and I felt all the hair on my body stand on end, the air became cold to the point I could see my breathe. I couldn't hear the previous sounds of machines or chatting, it was like a switch was flipped and everything was muffled.  I was petrified, I didn't know what was happening nor what to do, I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't move, I tried to speak but no sound came out, it was as if something had taken complete control of me. 

For what felt like hours being held by this cold unseen force I felt a sudden rush of coldness as if something had just past right through me and just like that it was gone. I stood there in shock, trying to figure out what had just happened.

"You felt it didn't you?" I suddenly heard a voice and I looked to find an old woman in a hospital gown walking past me to what I assume was her room.

"What?" I asked confused and she looked back and smiled at me.

" It comes whenever someone dies around here, don't worry it won't hurt you" she speaks almost amused by my shock.

"what comes?" I ask not sure if I wanna know. The woman gives me another smile.

"The reaper, honey" 

After that exchange I noped out of there at record speed, nearly falling over my own feet until I reached the waiting room. I chose not to share my experience because my friends they would just tell me it was me being tired but I knew it was more than that.
Soon after that we got the unfortunate news that our friend passed away from a brain injury. We went home in complete silence and the next day I couldn't stop thinking about my experience, what I felt that day I know wasn't natural. could I have really encountered a Reaper and I can't help but wonder, was it there for my friend?
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Joshua Lino ZiCo
Yes, ghosts are very common in hospitals since many peoples lives were cut short. It isnt a reaper. Shes mistaken about that. A ghost is staying there because it has unfinished business. 
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