I live in a big city now, moving from a small town a few months ago. I attend college, and am working to get my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I live with my mother and two year old son in a old apartment building we have just moved into. I thought the apartment building looked safe but what happened to me about a week ago has changed my mind. I work the graveyard shift I go to work at 5:30 pm and usually get off at 4:00 am.

It was a couple nights after Halloween and my Mom was at the apartment watching my son. A friend from work gives me a ride home sometimes, and he had just dropped me off.

Being a young female and it being dark out in a big city is why he usually walks me to the door. I tell him thanks then reach for me key because my apartment building entrance doors are usually locked after 10 pm, where tenants are only allowed to get in after hours. As I unlock the door,the knob turns and the door is already unlocked. Funny, I thought to my self the entrance doors to this place are never open. As I walk in I decide to take the elevator. I get in and put my key into my purse. As I got my head down putting my key back I hear someone step in the elevator with me.

I lift my head to get startled big time. It's a man in a full clown outfit. The outfit he had on had blue and white stripes going up and down it.

He had on huge blue clown shoes, blue curly clown wig along with a red nose and blue and red make up of course forming a smile. He did not have a real smile on his face though, his face was nothing but a deep blank stare.

The elevators door close and I say good evening to him, being the nice person I am suddenly his deep blank stare turns into a sinister look at me. As the elevator starts going up, I think to myself, what the hell is he doing in this building at this hour, was there a birthday party, but birthday parties usually don't go to five am, especially if it's a kids birthday party which clowns are usually at. I also saw he was carrying a bag which I didn't notice when he first stepped into the elevator. As he looked at me with that sinister look he bent down to get in that bag right when the elevator stopped at the sixth floor, the floor where my apartment is.

The elevator doors opened up and I started stepping out saying we'll have a nice morning to him. As I said this he looked up, the sinister look had turned into a sinister smile and he got something at of his bag and stood up.

What he got out was a huge kitchen knife. I screamed and ran from the elevator down the hallway,as he chased me from the elevator. I ran as fast as I could, as he chased after me with the kitchen knife, laughing like a lunatic while he chased me. Then I got to my room and quickly got my keys out and opened the door, right as he reached me with the knife. I slammed the door in his face,and went straight to the phone to call 911. After I called the cops I looked out the peep hole to my door, to see nothing there. My Mom woke up and I told her what happened and why I phoned the cops. When they came, the sinister clown was not in the building.

The cops didn't think I was lying though, because the building right next to our building a man had spotted the same clown fitting my description.

And a few nights ago in the same neighborhood I live in there was a murder in one of the houses, a woman being strapped to death and a witness said a clown was around the area then as well. Luckily the police our going to patrol the area and keep checking in my apartment building so creepy clown please don't come near me again
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