Last week my husband and two dogs were camping near Hinton, Alberta. We always enjoy finding the most secluded paths and areas to adventure because, well... people. I'm also a little braver now that we have a motor-home and the dogs. Two large dogs I may add. So needless to say, we are comfortable in the forest and prefer it actually. We have seen plenty of wildlife, with plenty of that being bears. Just this last trip we saw six bears... and this statement will make more sense as the story progresses. 

So we decided to go to one this lake, which is a bit of a pain to get to in an 11 000 pound rig. Yes, the motor-home weighed that much when we were fully loaded, yes we were at our limit! However, we decided to crash our way up this bumpy, un-maintained dirt road to get there! 

As we are driving up, we see this creek with a little side road that had a grassy pad and it looked as if people had camped there before. So, we thought... hmmm there is no one around us for many many kilometers and decided to park there and spend the night. I think both of us had enough of the bumpy road at that point as well and turning around didn't seem like a grand idea. 

So comes the evening, maybe around 9pm or so. We just snuggled into bed with the view being this cliff wall with a cave in it. Beautiful cave with a waterfall almost going right through the center of it. 

I had fallen asleep pretty fast and abruptly awoke to my husband telling me he just saw something walk past the opening of the cave.... and it got his heart racing. My husband is one of these manly men that would only cover a large opened wound with a band-aid if I made him do it. The kind of dude that would be hiking and meet a bear on the trail and be like... cool beans. The kind of dude that will walk through a haunted house with me and ask the actors how much they are getting paid, while I am clinging to his torso in fear. I think you get the point... so for him to be confused and freaked out was quite alarming to me.   

He went on to explain that the thing he just saw was black and walking in what looked like an upright position. Quite tall and it was moving very quickly. So we got out the binoculars to see if we could catch a glimpse of anything else, to which didn't happen. Come the middle of the night, our older dog wakes us up whining and bumping into our bed because he was unfortunate enough to have tummy issues and needed to poop. So... my husband gears up and takes him outside, it is raining and the dead of the night. The kind where you can't see your hand in front of your face. So he turned on the light next to the camper and stuck very close. I got the other dog geared up as well, and once outside and after about 2 minutes I hear this low, raspy growl coming from the bush. I proceed straight to panic mode because that kind of noise has this fear inducing feeling that I certainly can not control.

The side we were standing on was next to the bush, the back and other side of the camper was against the creek and the front was facing the cliff wall. The younger dogs ears perk to this sound and I ask my husband if he just heard that. He responds by telling me he had heard it a FEW TIMES ALREADY! Before I had made it out of the camper with the other pup. My immediate response to this was to retreat into the false security of the camper. So we all went inside and tried to go back to sleep because we still don't know what this thing is.

The next day we still stick around because we are apparently insane. We decided to go for a walk up the creek-bed towards the cave.  As we are making our way over, we are moving slowly, looking at rocks as we go.. and all of a sudden around one of the bends I smell this horrible smell. Like a rotting dumpster that had previously been set ablaze. It was a strong smell wafting into our nostrils and my husband said that wasn't the first time he could smell it. He said he didn't say anything because he didn't want to freak me out. The  smaller dog was picking up on something in the bush as well as she is much more alert than the old fart of the other dog. For context, this creek bed is about 30 feet wide or more, so to smell this smell that strongly was odd.

So after this we STILL carry on towards the cave, to which we could have scrambled to if we didn't have the dogs with us. At least I think we could have made it up there. On the way back to the camper we did not smell the dumpster fire anymore either. 

So that is our encounter with what we think to be a Sasquatch . In all the years we have seen bears they have never been up a cliff wall. Never. They forage on the ground. We could have thought it was a bear if not for my husband seeing the creature also.

Now to my next very quick story. We were previously in Mount Robson, BC, which is about an hour and a half from Hinton. While hiking a trail there we came upon an area with massive boulders and I imagine a cave system underneath. This is where our smaller dog keeps picking up on something and we start to hear rapid thumping on the ground. Bears are known to do this, but the thump was so fast that we were unsure how a bear could have made that noise. THEN my husband noticed tree formations in this area that we figured to have been placed by a Sasquatch and here is why. There were multiple formations, but anyone can move trees around and we always keep a healthy level of skepticism...  however, there were two sets of trees crossed over each other. They were maybe 10 feet apart... we thought, ok cool, someone could have done that. Then we noticed right next to these trees there was a large tree jammed in three trees on the horizontal. Imagine a woven basket... yes, it was woven in so tight that the tree was bending and way too high for any humans to place unless they were insanely strong and all brought ladders. Oh and we had hiked eight and a half kilometers in. So explain that one to me, because we sure the heck can not.

That is all I have for now!
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