Hi! I´m from Finland and just turned 30 today. I love horror and creepy stories, so here´s one from my imagination to you. This one is kind of sweet though. I´ve been trying to create a story that happens on a buss. This is my first attemt to put something "on paper" about it. Anyway, in to the story.

I pressed my head against the window. I was going home from work and the kids from my daycare group had been acting up all day. I was exhausted. The buss was nearly empty, which I was thankfull for. I couldn´t stand anykind of noisy crowd at this state of mind. I closed my eyes to escape the sunlight, thats found it´s way behind my sunclasses. The buss jolted forward and the window was making my head tremble. With a threat of a migraine, I unwillingly lifted my head. I was just thinking how lucky I was that the buss was so silent, when the thumping started.

Thump-thu-thump. Thump-thu-thump. The noise was coming just next to me. On the other side of the buss was a young girl sitting with her mother, thumping the seat infront of her. I could see her reflexion from the window. She was wearing Elsa leggins and a My Little Pony-t shirt.  I rolled my eyes irritated. Of course they had to sit just next to me on an empty buss! Her mother was completely ignoring the child, just staring out her own window. She was holding a shopping bag. They had been to a toy shop. Of course. Spoiled brat!

The thumping grew louder THUMP-THU-THUMP. THUMP-THU-THUMP. The girls was loudly babbling away about her day, while banging the seat wit her sneakers. "Do you remember Joshua mommy? We had an andventure today..." Annoyed I jolted mu head around to tell her to quiet down a bit (since her mother wasn´t paying any attention), but when I turned, she wasn´t there. I could see only the woman with the shopping back, sitting alone, staring out the window.

Confused I turned my face back to my window. There she was, still telling her story and banging the seat. Was she a reflection? Maybe she was sitting somewhere behind me? I stretched my neck and looked around. Nope. No sign of a little girl. Infront of me then? She must be! I sprong up to look at the seats in front but there was no little girl there. Just an old man, snoring at the very front of the buss. But there she was in my window, next to that woman. Looking just as lively as any five-year-old would. Atleast that what se looked like. Five year old little girl, going home with her mother. I sat down again and found the woman staring at me smiling. "The next stop is ........". She thought I had missed my stop, ´cause I was jumping around in my seat. I nodded and thanked her, trying to smile back.

"Sorry, I must look awfull" She replied to my half hearted smile. She did look weary. I blushed and shook my head. "No, not at all. I´m sorry, I´m just a bit tired..." I kept staring at her. I couldn´t take my eyes away from her and I realised I was being rude. I cleared my throut and squeesed out a nearly genuine, apologetig smile. "Sorry, didn´t meen to stare like that. I really must be out of it. So where are you going?" I noticed, I didn´t hear the thumping anymore. I took a glance at my window, and the little girl was sitting quietly now, looking at me intencely. "Oh, Im going to the hospital, to visit my little girl. She´s been there a while now" I nodded, mesmerised by the girl I saw now from the corner of my eye. "She has cancer, byt they told me she´s getting better." "I´m sorry to hear that" I replied, feeling like an intruder. But she continued. I felt like she had been waiting to talk to someone for a while now. "Her name is Nell. We´re trying out some new treatment. She´s not at all happy about it, taking all these meds. I thought I´d go and cheer her up. She loves frozen" The woman pulled a sparkling Elsa dress from the bag she was holding. I didn´t say anything. I was out of words. I could see the little girl just staring at me, throught the reflection in the window.

"Well, this is my stop" The woman chirped, rising from her seat. The girl next to her jumped up and started skipping towards the buss doors. "It was nice talking to you" I nodded again silently as a good bye, as thay stepped off the buss. The little girl wawed at me with a big smile.

I pressed my head agaist the window again, only to realize I had missed my stop after all. But somehow that didn´t matter. I closed my eyes, as the buss jolted forward.
Fear is nothing to be afraid of.
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