This happen to me when I was 8 or 7. I went to a summer camp that in this story we will call  camp R , and it wasn't the funnest camp ever. I got bullied alot, and the councliers didn't really seem to like me but anyway our head counclier told us we were going to  a sleepawy camp that we will call S. On the day we got to camp S, I got pretty disapointed because the camp was pretty gorss, I didn't get to go to the club i wanted, and the food was really gross. So after a crappy night with a bunch of girls crying, morning finally came and we were on our first activite.  After that was over we headed over back to our camp check point , and let me tell you this was along dirt path. You couldn't go left or right you can only straight. So, while we were walking I notice a few feet of head of us there was this girl. I could only see the back of her she had blonde pigtails , she wore a purple and white goun, and she was pretty pale. I started at the back of her for awhile till someone ask me a question. I answerd the person and when I looked to see if she was there , she was gone. I ask a girl we will call Lindsay if she saw that girl. She said "what girl"?  I described how she look , and mLinsday looked scared. Then, she proceed to tell me a story about her friends brother. Her friends brother was one day riding his bike and he past by the same girl I describe, but this time the gorl was face him. She had a creepy smile and green eyes. Later that night, her friends brother her a noise in their living  room , so he decide to check out. He did and he saw nothing . After that  he decide to get food in the kitchen. While he was walking back to his room. He dropped something. After he picked it up and saw right in front of him, the girl staring at him.
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