When I moved to my new home, the thing I was most excited about was the seclusion. It was a few minutes drive from a main road, and completely surrounded by forest. The second thing I was excited about was the garden. Most of my adult life I have lived in a small apartment, so having my own yard and garden was a nice change of pace. 

The house wasn't big by any means, it was one story above ground, with a downstairs section that acted mostly as a storage room. It was an older house, but still in great condition.
The first day after I had unpacked and fully moved in was spent at the local grocery store. I bought mainly flower and produce seeds. As well as gardening tools and chicken wire. I wanted to start right away on the garden. Within a few days the little bit of choice yard was converted into a nice little garden area, so I planted my seeds and began the long waiting process.

The first few weeks went well. The plants sprung up just fine, and I was doing a good job of keeping them watered and tended to. Since I left my folks'  home 2 years ago, I had never felt so accomplished then when I saw the flowers start to bloom. I really felt like I owned my own property and everything. It was nice.

And then everything went wrong.

I got home one day from an interview and realized I hadn't checked on the garden in a while. So I walked to the back of the house and scoped out the beautiful scene. Everything was in full bloom and splendor. It looked just like my grandma would have planted it. 

But something seemed off. The plants looked healthy, but something about the soil looked strange to me. It had turned a bit more of a sickly color. But I couldn't be sure, so I simply watered the plants and went inside. 

The next day I went out to trim the plants, and the ground looked even worse. The little white things in the soil were gone, and it was a greenish gray color almost. It looked like a bit of vomit had soaked into the brown. I put my finger in it, and even through the glove I could feel how cold it was.

It was like ice, despite the recent warm weather. It wasn't crunchy like frosty ground, however, and it was in the middle of summer, too. I also noticed a few weird shapes poking out of the dirt, like a kind of fungi. I ripped them out and went inside to research what was happening. I didn't find much.

The next day was even worse. The fungus had returned with a vengeance. It looked like brown hollow tubes sticking about an inch out of the ground. They were brown and had about the diameter of a penny, the also grew in patches, creating an almost honeycomb effect. 

More familiar kinds of fungus were showing up too. Mushrooms with the same sickly color as The dirt popped up here and there. The grass seemed to be turning darker as well, and my plants were shriveled. It seemed like some kind of blight was choking my garden.

And that night is when the creepiest thing I have ever experienced happened.

I was staying up late doing research of how to kill fungus and stuff like that, and a couple of images showed up of the kinds of fungus that were showing up in my garden. The article said stuff like "if you see this kind of mushroom, do this" . But I couldn't remember what fungus I was seeing in the garden, so I went outside to check.

It was the worst decision of my life.
I put on my coat and grabbed a flashlight. Then went out to the back and fingered at the different kinds of fungus plaguing my plants. And then I heard a sound behind me and the worst feeling crept over me.

It was this intense, primal fear, like something behind me wasn't supposed to be there and it was terrible. It was a feeling so strong that I could almost smell it. It was like the very instinct of my being knew that the thing behind me was the most dangerous thing on earth. It made me want to throw up, cry, scream, run, or just collapse. 

It was something no man should feel. I felt my legs go numb.

I turned around to face the creature. It was about 3 yards away, standing just in front of the forest. It seemed like everything we as humans imagine to be creepy was based off of what this creature looked like. It was tall and thin, with sick colored skin. It's mouth was large and chaotically filled with needle-like teeth.

It's bottom has looked thin and shriveled, and blood and sap dripped heavily from it. It had many holes organized in its bark textured face, and blood flowed from them as well. 

To say I ran is the most extreme understatement ever. I bolted to the front of the house and slammed the door so hard I might have broke a hinge. I locked all the windows and hid in my closet with a knife. I called the police and they arrived in a half hour. They couldn't get a single word out of me. 

The next day when I was finally able to explain to the cops what happened. I showed them where The creature was standing. That exact area had sprouted mushrooms and fungus just like the ones in my garden. and The grass was jet black.

I moved back to the city after that. I called my brother and he has been living with me since. I don't think I Will ever sleep alone again. And I will definitely never go near the woods again. What I saw was something no one should ever have to see. I will never recover from that experience.

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That's a great creepypasta
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