The following is a short but true event: A big black moth flew at me while i was in my basement. usually i save spiders and moths etc, however my instincts made me kill it for some reason. In the evening i felt guilty and looked up black moths on the internet, I came across a forum saying that a black moth in your house is a sign that a resident will die, if you happen to kill the moth the resident will be spared. I did not believe it and continued on my daily routine.

The next day when I was returning from work i was driving down a dual carriageway and the car in front swerved a huge puddle caused by a blocked drain, I didn't have time to slow or swerve and hit it at over 60mph I lost all traction on the rear wheels did 4 tank slappers, spun and hit a kerb and stopped short of the central reservation. My car was written off, no one else was involved and I escaped without a scratch, the kerb could have easily flipped my car but it didn't. something must have been looking over me at the time. Did killing that moth spare my life? I will never truly know and will forever find this event haunting.
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