Ever since I was a child, I have been terrified of werewolves and wolves as well, especially movies about them and as a kid I was crazy enough to watch them, but I covered my eyes whenever I knew the “Scary Wolf” was going to appear, so this obviously gave me terrible nightmares for most of my life.

It was a Friday, on Halloween night (my favorite holiday) 2016, at the time I worked as an English teacher in a company I always thought did not appreciate me, on that night I was planning to watch a horror movie marathon like I did every year, but I was thinking about watching a werewolf movie that year, but one of my co-workers recommended me an old movie called “An American Werewolf in London”, it sounded scary but I really wanted to face my fears and give it a shot.


On that day, I was very excited because I had already bought candy for the trick or treaters and some beer for me, but I wished I did not have to work until 5 pm. So, as soon as I got off work, I took my things and left my office, I drove my car home, which I called the Batmobile, to execute my plans, I listened to a song called “Thriller”, which I loved listening to on Halloween nights.  


I got home at 7 pm or so, then I took a beer from my fridge, drank a long sip and heard the door ring, which scared me for a second, but then I heard “Trick r’ treat!” behind my door, so I opened it, complemented the kids’ cool costumes and gave them candy, the trick or treaters kept visiting me until 8 pm and all the while I listened to heavy metal and ate Ramen for dinner.


After that, I grabbed my laptop and watched my horror movie marathon and I left the werewolf movie for last, I sometimes had to pause to get another beer and it scared the crap out of me but I still thought it was a great movie, so I was 6 beers in and decided to go to sleep at midnight. That night, I had a terrible nightmare, where I had to run away from a werewolf in a dark, foggy and creepy forest, which was only lit by a full moon.


In my dream, I was screaming my lungs out and I felt extremely disoriented and afraid of the huge, bulky, black as night werewolf that was chasing after me, I ran for my life for what seemed like hours, but I felt the beast closing in on me, I turned around several times and all I could see was its dark silhouette, bright red eyes and yellow teeth baring at me, I screamed again and ran a bit faster now, out of the blue I came across a huge fallen tree that blocked my way, so I had no choice but to jump over it, I heard the werewolf growling and panting behind me, so it jumped the tree too, while I was still mid-air I felt a sharp pain on my back and I woke up suddenly.


Then, I jumped out of my bed from fright, hit my body against the floor and cursed, I rubbed my eyes, got up slowly, out of nowhere I felt a sudden and string pain on my back just like in my dream, I tried reaching for the place where I felt the pain, but I could not reach it. So, I went to the bathroom, washed my face, drank a bit of tap water, saw myself in the mirror, turned around and to my horror I saw five deep bloody gashes on my back, I jumped forward and said: “What the hell is that?”. The next day, I went to the hospital and got my wound patched up, I simply lied to the doctor and said my cat had scratched me while I was sleeping (I obviously did not own a cat).


To this day, I still ask myself if that was that just a crazy dream or did my terrified mind somehow made it a reality? Who knows? The truth is I never watched a werewolf movie again, since I was terrified that I would have another nightmare as vivid and terrifying as that one.  

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