This story took place about a year back. I was  with my Boy Scout troop and we were headed to a remote area in Arizona to go camping. Our troop arrived early in the afternoon so my friends - I'll call them  A and W - had plenty of time to set up camp. After we finished, we walked around and explored the campsite. While we were walking around, W started being obnoxious. He started breaking branches off of trees, kicked shrubs out of the ground, killing bugs for no reason, and basically anything he could do to wreck the area.  A and I told him to stop because we were worried that a leader would see us and punish us. Eventually A and I got caught in a conversation and stopped hassling W. Little did we know what a mistake we were making. Night fell and we all went into our tents to go to bed. After talking about girls and video games, we all fell asleep. I was woken up a few hours later by W shaking me. "What is it?" I asked sluggishly. "I heard some noises outside the tent." he told me. You see, W is freaked out by a lot of things, especially at night. I turned over to see the A was awake as well. "He woke me up too." A told me. "It's probably nothing," I told W, "just go back to sleep." "Guys," he took on a new serious tone, "I'm really freaked out. I've been hearing it for hours." "Fine." I muttered as I got out of my sleeping bag. "We'll go out, see that it's nothing, then go to sleep." "Alright." agreed W. I grabbed my flashlight and all three of us crawled outside the tent. I turned on my flashlight and started scanning the empty desert area behind our tent with it. "See nothing to be worried ab-" I cut myself off. Something caught my eye as I was scanning the desert. Two yellow eyes stared back at me about 50 feet away. They were less than a foot off the ground and still as a statue. Almost like a deer in headlights. I couldn't see the body, just two yellow eyes. I kept staring until the eyes darted away from my view. I let out a sigh of relief. "See," said A to W, "nothing. Now lets sleep." We made our way back to the tent. As we were walking back I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. I froze. "What is it?" asked A and W almost simultaneously. I saw a small figure in the small bit of light from a dying campfire nearby. I once again saw those yellow eyes. A and W traced my eyes to the campfire  and saw it too. "Its probably just a rabbit or something." said A reassuring us. "How can a rabbit travel 40 feet in three seconds?" asked a terrified W. "GUYS!" I finally yelled. "WE'RE ALL SO TIRED THAT OUR MINDS ARE PLAYING TRICKS ON US. NOW LETS JUST GO TO BED!" I was surprised that I didn't wake up the whole camp. I looked back at the dying fire. It wasn't even there anymore. "See," I said, " It's gone now. Lets go." I started walking back, but my friends didn't follow. "What's wrong?" I asked them. The just stood there. Frozen with fear. "What's wrong!" I asked a little louder as I felt a wave of fear coming over me. "L-look." said A. I turned and saw standing on the road in the light of the moon a the same figure, except now it appeared taller but it still had those same yellow eyes. Suddenly, a shaky yet deep voice came from the darkness. "You... You... WILL PAY!" it yelled at us. It let out a horrifying scream that erupted across the night sky. Without even thinking we all turned around and sprinted as fast as we could go. We ran and ran but the thing pursued us wherever we would go. Finally, A yelled out to me in the darkness. "It's a tiny little thing!", he yelled to me, "We can take it!" "Yeah!" agreed W who had a new sense of confidence. "Okay," I said, "but this better work!" Unfortunately, while we were talking, we almost ran into the wall of a nearby bathroom. With nowhere to go, we took a defensive stance. We saw the thing arrive a split second later. The lights from the bathroom about of flickered out as it walked forward. I tried my flashlight, but it was all in vain. I spammed the button, but it didn't work. "You...", started the thing again, "You are coming with me." There was just enough moonlight to see that the figure was outstretching it's hand toward W." "W-why?" stammered W. "You have disgraced this land." it said. "And for that you shall be punished." "P-please," I said, "don't take my friend. He didn't know what he was doing." It ignored me and started walking toward W. "NO!" he screamed. "DON'T TAKE ME! I'M SORRY!" Tears streamed down his face. "PLEASE!" pleaded A. "STOP!" It once again ignored our requests. "WE'LL LEAVE!" I screamed "AND WE'LL NEVER COME BACK!" The thing stopped. It faced me. "I will show mercy..." it said. "But if you come here again, I will kill you all." All I remember after that was waking up in my tent. My friends were waking up as well. I asked my friends about the night and said that they know nothing. I was confused because of everything that happened I thought they would remember. But still to this day I am the only one that remembers. I don't know what we encountered, but I've kept my promise and never come back. I don't know what it was, but if anyone could tell me I would be more than satisfied. Thanks for reading everyone.
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