Back in my senior year of High School, I was apart of My Schools SCA. which is a student organization where students at the school come up with fun things to happen at the school. I planned to do a Field trip to Lauri Anne Forest campground for spring break. I have never gone camping before so I thought that It would be the perfect thing to do. After getting it all planned out, I gave it to Mr. Thornberry who was in charge of SCA at the time. He was all down for it.

We then got it promoted in the school where to my surprise it was a massive success. A total of 200 students had signed up for the trip. Typically, not a lot of students would even consider something like this and would get canceled as a result. When I was time to get ready for the trip, I packed the things that I needed like a flashlight some camping gear, and a change of clothes. The next school day everyone who was going onto the trip went to one of the 5 buses that were needed for the trip and we went over to the actual forest.

Once we arrived, we got our stuff and when into our assigned cabins. After we had everything unpacked, we had to meet up with a camp counselor so he can explain the rules that had to be followed.

It was the usual don’t do this and that as well as explaining the history of the forest back when It was controlled by the Cayuga tribe. then the camp counselor asked us if we liked scary stories which everybody excitedly said yes. The counselor then went on to explain the many monsters that the Cayuga tribe believed in like the wendigo and the skinwalker some monsters that I didn’t know about at the time. I wasn’t much of a folklore type of person.

But he did eventually mention a monster that we all recognized. The Wolfman as much as I wanted the whole monster thing to be done some of the other kids wanted to hear the story.

I don’t remember all the details to the story except that It is a story where a man from the Cayuga tribe disrespected one of the gods that the Cayuga people worship and as a result, he was thrown out of the tribe but met a shaman that turned him into a werewolf that supposedly still roams the same forest we were camping in. I laughed at the story once it was done. There is no way a werewolf could exist they are fairytale an ultra-religious person would believe. The counselor stares at me and says well I hope you don’t meet one yourself. But I continued to laugh. That night after we all got done with our campfire and smores. We all chose to go back to the cabin so we can get ready for the canoeing we were going to do in the lake tomorrow.

Some of the guys in the cabin had brought their 3DS’ and other portable handhelds. I didn’t bring any of mine because I wanted to enjoy the trip without any sort of technology with me.

I went into my bed. Which took some time to get adjusted to because these beds were not very comfortable but thirty minutes later, I woke up to a loud howl. Startled I immediately got up and some of the other guys got up as well. Looking around the room to find out what that noise was.

I think that came from outside, said Brandon. I got out of my bed and looked out the window just right behind the tree-like I come to make out a large 7-feet-tall figure that looked like a bulky wolf but I was standing on two legs with a bend in the back that looks like a dog. Then I heard Andrew make a loud noise when he accidentally knocked over a lantern. I turned to him for a moment and told him to quiet down and that something was here. I turned back over to see the thing now facing me. I felt my heart sank as I saw its bright yellow eyes and its razor-sharp teeth.

Looking at its eyes I could sense a feeling of anger. It began to growl.

I could feel my chest vibrating out of feel from it. The words that came to my mind were… Werewolf. I never thought they would be real but there was one staring at me.

Before the werewolf could do anything, lights came one and the werewolf with an irritated look turned over to lights and looked back at me then proceeded to run back into the woods. I slowly went back to my bed and everybody asked me what I saw. I didn’t think they would believe me if I said a werewolf given what I had said earlier that day. So, I said it was a bear. The next day we were getting the canoes ready but then we came across big scratch marks on the time. And one of the girls asked what could have caused this. I got shivers knowing that it was the werewolf from last night.

While we were canoeing, I was with Brandon catching fish and talking about what we planned to do after graduation. But before we could finish. I smelled a bad odor, and everybody started to gag because of it too.

We were going back to shore when we saw an elk that looked to have been torn into a thousand pieces and blood was everywhere. The camp counselor told us to go back to the cabins so they can clean it up. On our way back to our cabin I told Brandon and the other what I saw last night. They were not skeptic given the scratch marks and the torn-up body we saw. That night we all barricaded the doors and moved furniture in front of them, we also closed the blinds for good measure. Alfie didn’t know what was going on, so we told him that we heard rumors that the girls were gonna try to sneak in and sleep with up.

Something we made up so he wouldn’t get scared. We went to sleep but I did eventually hear that howl again. Everybody got up but Alfie asked me.

Are you sure it was girls sneaking in? I then told him that it wasn’t true and that I found out that werewolf does exist. Before I could finish, I heard loud scratching noises outside of the cabin. Everybody was frozen in place after what felt like an eternity the scratches stop and then we hear a roar followed by geese in distress. We then started hearing the sound of pounding and geese making a noise that would mean they are getting hurt. Eventually, we hear the terrifying sound of flesh getting ripped from the bone.

After all of that, we hear another roar and the sounds of geese for one last time. At five in the morning, we all got up and unbarricaded the cabin and went to see the damage.

When we got out, we saw scratches on the cabin along with feathers, dead baby and adult geese ripped to shreds as well as a chaotic amount of blood everywhere. Jesus Christ said, Alfie. Brandon said that we should get rid of the bodies because we were going to get questioned by the teachers and the dead geese were not going to help. We collected all the dead geese and threw them into the lake.

We all went back home, and I started reading things about Lauri anna forest and ready that it is, in fact, a werewolf hotpot. I am sharing my story as a warning to anybody listening that they are real even if you are skeptic be careful if you ever go to the woods
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