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People always say never explore the forest, as there are terrifying things. Sadly, despite multiple bad incidents, I can't beat my sense of adventure. One of my more recent daytime excursions led to something that I want to forget, but can't. 

It happened in March of 2020. Since no one was out due to COVID-19, i was bored out of my mind, so i decided to take a drive. i settled on York in deep southern PA. I heard a story about the 7 Gates of Hell, and decided to see if any part of the story was true. Unfortunately, other than the first gate being visible during the day, nothing else was true. I didn't see any of the other 6 gates during the day or night.  Instead, the night brought a much different terror.  I ended up getting lost due to my own stupidity and didn't know where I was. I took out a small flashlight that I had with me, and aimed the beam straight ahead. I saw an animal skeleton in front of me and screamed so loud, I probably could be heard by anyone outside the woods. I also made the dumb decision to look at the ground. I saw red and black candles, bloody animal corpses, bones, decapitated chickens, and a pentagram. In other words, I had stumbled upon a Satanist altar. I always thought they were rumors, but apparently there's more to those stories.

I heard branches cracking and quickly hid behind a log. When I peeked over it, I saw 11 hooded figures. They all looked around at their area like they knew someone had trespassed and had messed with their space. I hadn't touched or moved anything, so they eventually shrugged and started to chant. I knew it was German, but couldn't decipher it. But, 3 words I did recognize were "evil", "flame" and "Devil". I crawled for a few minutes, until their fire couldn't be seen and I couldn't hear them talking. I immediately broke and ran back to my car and tore out of there. The next day, I retraced my steps and realized that i was actually going back out of the woods, instead of actually being lost. I walked past the altar again and saw something that made me freeze. There were TWELVE robes, even though i was sure I had seen 11 people. There were also an upside-down cross, and a beheaded crucifix. 

So, it turns out that investigating the woods is a bad idea. I haven't really gone on any walks alone or at all due to the pandemic. Now, I think fate might have been telling me to stay home. I'm afraid that if I don't, there will be another occasion when I stumble upon an altar or who knows what else.
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