I am a guy from Pakistan. My daily night ritual consists of smoking a joint in my yard at 2 AM when my parents have gone to bed. It is just my way of relaxing after the daily grind and I look forward to it. Weed is not common here so I smoke hash joints which are far more potent than weed buds. So after smoking up I bent down to put it out and noticed a gleam among the dirt and grass. Upon further investigation it turned out to be a strange coin in my yard. It was dark out (OBVIOUSLY) so I decided to go inside to check it out. I pocketed the coin which felt cold to the touch even though it was warm outside.

My house has double doors like most houses do in Pakistan as it gets really hot in the summers. The outer door is usually one with a mesh and the one on the inside is usually a sturdier one. I usually crack open the mesh door and sneak out as it creaks loudly if I open it all the way. As I was making my way through the door I hit my face on what seemed like a person in the doorway. I recoiled thinking that it was my mum and I had been caught. The door gave a loud creak, the sort of creak that could wake up the dead. My face hurt but upon noticing that there was no one I decided to quickly get inside before I got caught.

I made my way into the house locking the doors behind me and felt my face burning. As soon as I made my way to my room something felt different. I was very sleepy and even though I wanted to go to the bathroom to check my face in the mirror I was too tired and sleepy to do so. I figured it was a good idea to lie down as if anyone heard that creak they might decide to check up on me. I just lay on the bed without turning the UV lights off. My room has these Black light (UV) LED light strip things all over as I fancy myself as a cool stoner/guitarist/hippie with a flair for psychedelic stuff.

I lay for a couple of minutes just trying to slow down my breathing. It finally did get under control and I thought of getting up for a glass of water. That is when I found out I was unable to move at all. I could not move my neck and only my eyes.

It was strange, I had lost all my sleepiness and now apparently had lost motor functions. On top of that it was freezing cold now and I could see my breath. It was more than strange as it was hot out and I hadn't even turned on air conditioning. However, due to me being a bit stoned the first thing that came to my mind was that I had hit my head on something and had damaged some important brain blood vessel or something causing me to be paralyzed. I explained away everything to myself and got very paranoid that I was so dumb that I had fucked up my whole life just to sneak out for a joint.

As I lay cursing myself and contemplating if I would survive till morning when my parents would find me and get me medical attention, I thought I heard a whisper. I quickly dismissed that sound being a whisper as I knew thinking that would only make me more paranoid and from the looks of it I might have to lay like this for about 8 hours. I heard a few more noises that sounded like a child silently crying. ( WHICH IS RARE AS FUCK IF YOU ASK ME)

Anyway, I kept ignoring the sounds and got more paranoid. I thought " Man, this has to be the dumbest way of suffering." and laughed a little in my mind. (You know what I mean)

I still felt cold which was good I guess because that meant I still had my nerve endings transmitting cold to my brain. I was about to look for more positives in the situation however, I noticed something in the corner of my room on the floor. At first I thought that was a pile of clothes. I am a fairly neat person so it didn't make sense and I couldn't really be sure as I was kind of disabled and the room wasn't lit well enough. However the thing that had caught my eye wasn't the black form that looked like a small boy with his knees to his face.

For those that don't know, UV lights will make your room darker with some objects gleaming, like EYES.

Part 2

I was freaking out as I tried to look at the details from the corner of my eye, my head hurt not from the impact but from straining my eyes. It was a child who had his knees to his chest and was facing down. My heart felt like it dropped in the pit of my stomach when I realized that the eyes I saw were on top on his head. The kid was bald but something was off about his skin. It seemed like his skin was not reflecting any light at all. This bald demonic kid was not wearing anything yet I could not see his skin. It was pitch black.

I realized from the tears in my eyes from not blinking and when I finally blinked he was gone. I thought maybe I just hallucinated him and had a sigh of relief. My relief was short lived as I later noticed this demonic kid crawling on the walls like it was no big deal. I couldn't scream and it felt like my lungs had no air to push out a scream. He crawled on the ceiling and on the wall where my bed was. He was right behind my head and I felt something cover my eye. I later realized he was licking my eyes and I passed out from sheer horror.

In the darkness I heard a voice which somehow had several octaves at the same time. I do not remember what language it spoke or how it spoke as before passing out I had noticed that thing had no face. Where the face would have been there was just pitch black skin. It had no mouth or nostrils. The face was not grooved or anything. It just looked like an endless void for a face. It is beyond me how it had a tongue or where it came from as my viewing angle was restricted.

I do remember what it wanted me to know, it said something about a sight for a reward.

I woke up the next morning to a loud alarm ringing. I groggily picked up my phone to swipe the alarm to snooze.

Wait. I could move, I sat up instantly and indeed I could move and speak. I went to the bathroom to look for a scar, there was none. My eye was red and seemed like a shade lighter, or maybe that was just me trying to find something wrong. The lights were off and I thought maybe the whole thing had just been a nightmare. Instantly I thought about checking my pocket for the coin. It wasn't there, I scanned my bed sheet for the coin and still nothing.

I then realized, I was late for my Linear Algebra class and had not time to shower. I dressed up and got to my class, as I entered the class looked different. Yeah, it was a surprise quiz. I sighed and sat down, I was definitely going to fail this one too. For a Computer Science student I suck at maths and had managed to fail every single maths subject my degree had. I had barely managed to pass after some retries. I looked at the question paper and looked it over, somehow I knew the answers and was the first one to hand mine over. The teacher was surprised and looked it over, then accused me of cheating. What an asshole right? Well, he said the method I used to solve the equations wasn't the one he taught. I denied cheating and this asshole just kept on speaking. It was like a flashback but though someone else's eyes, I somehow knew it was that teacher's eyes. However, the surprising part wasn't even that. I saw how this guy was treating his wife, she bought him dinner and this guy bitch slapped her for the food being too spicy. I somehow knew all the details of the incident and as the teacher said something along the lines of me being a dork who cheated and I would end up in hell. I blurted out his dirty little secret in front of the whole class. The teacher had fear written all over his face when I asked him how big would he feel when I told the cops about him beating his wife and locking her in a room before leaving home. I somehow knew he hadn't left her any food. I walked out of the class a bit scared and drove home without another word.

While driving home, I realized why the coin wasn't in my pocket. When I woke up I was not wearing a trouser or a shirt that I remember wearing last night. I found the trouser and shirt on the floor of the back seat. Inside the pocket of the trouser was the coin.

I am scared now, I do not know what to do. I tried taking pictures of the coin but the picture came out black. I even tried to trace the coin with a pencil but that won't work either. The shape can not be traced for some reason. My hands somehow aren't allowed to do so, I can feel it.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Please suggest me something I can do about this. My eye color is dark brown, It used to be dark brown. It's grey now. Help.
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