I’m a half aboriginal, Australian and I believed spiritual and other ancestors like native Americans, aboriginals, angels, demons, witches, evil spirits and rituals that are among around this world but this  happened a few years ago when I was young that change my whole life. It started when I was five, I only lived with my parents and my two other siblings at my grandma's  place when we didn't have a home at the time when we were homeless. I have a few siblings but some of them move out because they were older enough. so I only had my third oldest sister and my younger brother and I was the second youngest child in the family. This happened in 2008 when I can't go to sleep so I went to my parent's room to sleep with them, I usually do this because I was a child back then but this time happened when I was sleeping in the middle of the bed between by my parents. I didn't know what this thing was, but it starts crawling up towards me and it woke me up that it also woke my parents up. Everything went fast and I didn't know what to do, my dad started kicking under the blanket and my mum picks me up and got me to the other room. I was so confused and scared at the same time But I was tired enough for me to go to sleep. In the morning I told my parents about it they didn't say anything any about what that was so I forgot about it and moved on but the other night scared the shit out of me. At night time I was sleeping with my mum and I was Sleeping on the right side but if you just imagine in your head that the bed is in front of you and to your right, there are curtains that I'm sleeping in my front on the bed next to my mum. I was just sleeping and relaxing until I feel this presence and when I open my eyes the black figure in front of me grabbing the blankets off of me thrashing the blankets. I was fucking scared even my mum also was that made her pull the blankets back to her way, I was in the middle watching this thing with my own eyes until it gave up and disappeared in thin air. In the next morning, I told my mum about it and the only thing she said was ”I don't know what it was but it's probably the best not to think about it now”. I listen what my mum said and it works for a few months until I saw figures and I even have to hide under my blankets because I was so scared. But then my parents found a house and we have to move out and I was happy, we lived in that house a few years when I didn't saw anything until on 2011 when I was around 11. This happened when I was sleeping until I woke up by this weird presence, I looked around until I looked at the door and saw a very tall figure that had white patterns on the face that looked like the Aboriginal paintings, it didn't do anything wrong but started at me until it turned around and walked away to the living room and disappeared to thin air but it was different from the others when I saw them in a very young age. But I went back to sleep and that was the last time I saw them. I'm now 16 now this day and I still never saw them and I hope I won't across them again.
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