Back in 2016, Me and my friend, Lachlan thought about doing the best prank ever. Is the ghost girl walking through the streets. I went to some Halloween store where they sell the white dress that is the perfect fit for Lachlan, the red paint as blood for the white dress and the long wig for covering Lachlan’s face. After I bought those stuff, I went home to set it up for Lachlan. After that, Lachlan tried it on the whole custome and I thought it is scary enough to scare my other friends. I start calling my 2 other friends, Jesse and Gavin and tell them to meet each other in the car and come pick me up to drive around the beautiful night at 10:00pm. They agreed and hung up. It’s 8:00pm right now and it’s the perfect time to take Lachlan and his custome to the scary bridge that nobody has been drive through. It took 30 minutes to get there. I dropped Lachlan off on the scary bridge and tell him, “When you see the light of the car, walk like the ghost girl. See ya when we’re done with this perfect prank.” I drove back to the house and wait until 10:00pm. Jesse and Gavin are here waiting for me to hop in the car. Jesse is the driver and I ask him, “Can I drive for tonight?” Jesse said, “Sure why not.” He let me drive and start having a good night. And this is where the fun begins. I start driving through the same street where I drove to drop Lachlan off on the scary bridge. But this is where things gone odd. I drove 20 minutes and I saw Lachlan walking on the road. Not the bridge. The road. Jesse and Gavin saw it and tell me to drive away now. I said,”Wait. I need to text Lachlan about this.” I texted Lachlan, “Dude. Why are you 10 minutes away from the bridge and walking on the road?” Few second later and Lachlan texted back. He said, What do you mean? I’m at the bridge waiting for a prank to start.” My heart dropped when I read that. I texted back, “Wait there. I’m picking you up. This prank is canceled.” Lachlan is 10 minutes straight from this another prankster. Jesse and Gavin still telling me to go back. I tell them, “We need to go passed that prankster.” Jesse said, “No way.” I start driving passing whoever is in the ghost girl custome. But when I passed and saw the girl, that’s not the custome. Her face is like the scary girl’s face from Scary Maze. I drove faster to pick up Lachlan quickly. 10 minutes later, I made it to the scary bridge and Lachlan is just sitting on the rock waiting for me. I honked him and he came in. Lachlan asked me what’s going on back there. I told him what happened. Lachlan looks very censerned and told Jesse and Gavin, “It was meant to be a prank but some ghost girl interrupts it.” I drove back and 10 minutes later at the same road we saw the real ghost girl, she was gone. I’m not going to ask that. I just want to get back home safety. 20 minutes later, we got back home safety. We all talked about what just happened back there. After the whole conversation, Jesse and Gavin is heading home. Me and Lachlan said goodbye. I let Lachlan to spent a night with me before he’s heading back to his home. But still I don’t know who that was on the road before getting to the best prank ever but all I know that is not there anymore.
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