I grew up in Rural Japan, where i lived was a beautiful area with majestic lakes, mountains and all, you could always hear the birds singing in the morning, even though i grew up in a rural area, i still was going to school, i did not have a lot of Friends, but was a good learner, my parents found school to be useless so i could stay home if i wanted.

One day i picked up a stray puppy from the street and brought it home, i was allowed to keep it and was overjoyed, everyday i walked outside with him.

There was one day that i will never forget, i was walking home from school when i saw a woman looking at me, soon i realized she was following me, i tried to ignore her but i suddenly noticed something, something.... terrifying, the woman was missing her entire lower body and i ran came home, my father was sitting on the chair, he said "how was your day at school?" I replied "fine but something happened" "He replied "What son?" I replied "there was a woman.... she was constantly saying "Teke Teke" and she was missing her  lower body", my father looked at me with a big open eyes and told me to get inside, my father called a shaman and told me to lock the bedroom door.

Later that night it was pretty normal until my dog began to behave.... strangely, i soon heard tapping on the window and footsteps on the roof, soon it became quiet and it seemed it was gone. 

The Shaman came the next day and performed a cleansing ritual, i didnt see the Teke Teke again. If you ever find yourself in Japan, beware the Teke Teke.
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