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really love your channel. The Name of my buddy was changed for privacy reasons.


The following story happened to me and a friend of mine.

For background I was born and raised in a small village in the southwest of Germany on the banks of the River Moselle. It's a very nice and quiet place with an ancient castle on the top of a hill towering over it.

We have a local Myth about a Tatzelwurm and in the center of the village there is even a fountain in the shape of a tatzelwurm dedicated to it. A Tatzelwurm is a dragon-like creature but without wings which is said to spit poisonous breath.

Me and my buddy Kai decided to get to the bottom of this myth. There is a path a little outside of our village leading into a forest. Legend has it that this path was used in the past by this beast when it came to prey on livestock and peasants. The path is even named after it. On a moonlit night my friend and I wandered that path. We had cameras, flashlights and each of us carried a small pocket knife. Even though we knew that in case that beast existed and it attacked us those were useless. Anyways a few hours into our investigation there was still nothing to be found. We smiled at each other since in our hearts we knew the whole legend was bs.

All of a sudden we heard a hiss behind us and in shock we turned around and pointed our flashlights into the direction from which the noise was coming. It came from the thick brush behind us which was rattling. The hissing grew louder but we were frozen with fear and kept pointing our flashlights at the rattling bush. Then we saw it. It was a scaly creature the best way I can describe it is that it looked like a Komodo dragon but without hind-legs. The front-legs bore sharp claws. The head was quite flat and I guess in total its length was about 13 feet. The front-legs seemed very muscular and it dragged its heavy body. It came towards us and we were surprised it didn't launch at us but moved very very slowly. Our instincts took over. What if we could proof the legend to be true? What if we were to ones to discover a new species? We looked at each other then each of us grabbed a big rock and we started to beat the animal with them. We were fueled with fear and adrenaline and smashed on it until we couldn't detect anymore movement and the hissing stopped. You might ask why we didn't use the pocket knives. Well I guess they would have never penetrated the scaly skin of that beast.

What now? I asked. We knew there was no way we could carry that thing back to the village and to be honest we were still not quite sure if it was dead and afraid to touch it.

We decided to take as many photos as we could, then call the police or the fire-brigade or some authority and wait for them at the main road, since the path was to narrow for any cars.


So we called the police and told them we were attacked by an animal and we need them to come right away.

They arrived and we lead them to the place where the dead tatzelwurm was supposed to be laying, but it was gone.

“How could this be?” I thought to myself.

Kai and I gave each other a confused look.


The Policeman however did not take to kindly to the whole situation ans threatened us that fake calling the police could be fined with up to 400,00 €.

“what were you thinking boys” he said to us “ There might be a real emergency somewhere and I am here dealing with your bs.”

He did not once take a look at the photos we had taken..


We felt really really dumb as you could imagine, but we know what we saw and fought that night....

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I've never heard of this creature before, thanks for introducing me to it! I'll have to look up more about it.
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