I live in a modest city in Texas.  I was around 17, so that this happened about 27 years ago.  I decided to go with some girlfriends of mine to a

carnival to celebrate Halloween.  There is nothing great here in this town but thankfully we live just 20 from Houston.  We were hoping to have

a great time since this Halloween landed on a Friday and we didn't have to worry about school the next day.  We found this perfect spot.  Rides,

haunted house, house of mirrors and everything else a group of teenage girls could hope for.  One of my girlfriends, I'll call her Donna, spotted

this guy who she thought was cute.  She brought him to our attention by saying,"Hey...you remember I told you about that cute guy who offered

to but us drinks?" We all remembered her mentioning something but she thinks just about every guy around our age was cute.  But when she

pointed this guy out, he looked older that what we felt comfortable. We had these base line rules when we went out.  One of those rules was no

guys that were out of high school already. This guy was clearly a break in that rule, as he have a full goatee with a white streak going down the

side of his long ponytail. He didn't look old or feeble, just like he was older than us by at least a decade at that time.  The creepy thing about him

was as we were looking at him he smiled and turned a side glace toward us as if he knew we were looking at us.  This didn't set well with

Tonya, the oldest of us. She was Sheena's older sister that we had to take with us. We didn't have anything against her except she was the voice

of reason among us. Which made her a joy-kill, but needed. She was over 18 and had credit cards. She could rent rooms and other

accommodations that we could not pull off without her. However, that night she rubbed off on us as she pointed out more that once that this

this was clearly following us. She made good points as we all could remember seeing him at various time throughout the night. We even

noticed that he was outside of the restroom we came out, yeah we stayed together no matter where we went. That was another one of those

rules we found necessary. Sheena had an idea about turning the table on him so to speak. She thought we should give him a taste of his own

medicine and follow him.  Let him know we knew what he was doing and he'd go away. We all agreed it could even be fun and a great laugh 

to talk about later.  So, we started to look at him and follow him.  It didn't take long for us to realize that he knew what we were doing.  

He even at one point got into a line that split in two so we divided, two on one side of him and two on the other. We thought it funny and 

he deserved it for being a would be perv if any of us would've been alone.  After about 15 minutes of this game he started walking down a

sidewalk that led around the side of one of the buildings that was leading away from the carnival. We should have called it quits right then. I felt

uneasy and could tell my friends were as well.  But, why not chase him completely off? This would save the next girl that was alone and 

could end up his next target. He turned an looked at us before he walked around the corner.  He completely turned around and let us see him.

We all stopped completely, and stare at him. He just smiled and went around the corner. We made the decision to see what he was up to. So,

we continued around the corner after him. Here's the strange thing. He was gone. No where insight! It was a dead end with no doors. There was

no dumpsters or doors,  just 3 brick walls that was 18 to 20 feet tall. Needless to say, we were shook and decided to call it a night. That was

more than enough for us. My advice, don't get cute and try following a creep. Let them leave if they walk away. As for me, I never want to 

run into a creep with a pony tail again...
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