Sean david
We have all seen the protests on the news, even a small town like where I live had a half-hearted attempt at one.

Since the first protest in the state I live, I noticed something odd, at first it was nothing major.
I saw an increase in the number of police cars on the street.
Understandable, since the number of crimes increased as well.

Then there were more helicopters, even late at night. I saw five flying in a V formation, just after midnight as I was leaving work.

Then one night I was brushing my teeth, as I was washing  out my mouth I noticed a very strong chemical taste and smell to the water. It was also unusually fizzy.
I spat out  the  water  as  best  as  I  could  and  let  the  water  run for  a  few  minutes.

It  would  remain  fizzy  and  smelling  strongly  of  chemicals  for  a  good  twenty  minutes  before  returning to  normal.

I  asked  friends  and  family  if  they  experienced  the  same  thing  and  had  mixed  replies.
Some  did  but  some  hadn’t .

I  don’t  know  what  is  going  on, so  far  it  hasn’t  happened  again.
I  really  hope  it  doesn’t  happen  again.

These  are  truly  strange  and  dark  times  upon  us.
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