This story happened years ago, back when I was 19 years old. My family and I lived out in the countryside, with only a few houses not to far away. We had a gas station 1 1/2 miles away from our home. Which I got stuck going to most often, since I am Well known by the owners. The store always had set hours, 7am to 11pm were it's open hours.
 One night I was sleeping, as I had gone to Bed early do to a temporal migraine. I was woken up by my younger brothers, claiming ma wanted me to go to the store. Basically his way of avoiding walking the dark of night, on a nearly dead road. As he scared easily, so without thinking I got up and got dressed. I was ready to head out, when my brother laughingly said "Good luck, cause even you can't move fast enough to make it to the store before it closes". I saw the time, I had 5 minutes to make that distance.
 Without thinking I headed out, since I am so adaptive to the night. I can instinctively tell when something is off. Which allows me to travel without fear. Though at first all I could think about, was how I was going to make it in time. Which caused me to not notice something strange happening. After a bit I began to notice, there were no birds chirping, no ground animals moving about in the fields, no vehicles at all traveling down the road. This normally would be a huge red flag, that something isn't right.
 By the time I was almost at the store, I realized that the air felt very thick. Almost like a very dense fog, yet it was a perfectly clear sky with no fog at all. The full moon light up everything, making it very easy to see all around.
 As I walked into the store, I took notice of the clock. Reading the same time, as it was when I left my house. Knowing I had been walking for more than ten minutes, I knew the clock was wrong. I said hi to the store clerk, but she looked almost zoned out. So I grabbed what I went there to get, and got to the register. Not thinking to much into it, the clerk seemed to had snapped back into reality.
 As I cashed out, I meantioned it was funny how the time on their clock and mine at home read the same time. Though nervous she played it off as if my clocks were somehow fast. Thinking nothing of it, I said bye and proceeded to walk back home. As soon as I walked in my younger brother still on the couch from when I left just blurted out. "So what, did you just go outside, then come back in so you wouldn't have to go". I looked at him with a glare, and said "Oh so this bag of groceries and this receit isn't proof that I went".
 My brother seeing it, and realizing he just witnessed the impossible. Said I had to of teleported or something to Pull it off. Though I never told him, that I didn't teleport. What he doesn't know is I did walk the entire distance, but somehow. Perhaps by instinct alone, I was able to slow the passage of time, As if nearly freezing time. In my 37 years of life, this ability has only shown itself in me 4 times. However it only seems to activate, only when time is of the essense.
So to all out there, who may read this. Remember we all possess an unlimited amount of abilities that defy science, and we are fully capable of unlocking them. However you must remember to take notice of every detail, because our abilities. Well many of which, are purely driven by instinct. Which means it may take some time, before we figure out which Ones are most natural to us. So that we may learn from them, and allow them to grow.
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