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It was a hot summer day in June. At the time I was 17 and I was with my cousin, Christian, who was 16. We both were very hungry, and I decided to drive us to Popeyes. When we got there, we knew something was off, Firstly, There was no other customer was there the only people at the restaurant were the two cashiers and the cooks, but we didn't think much of it since it was noon. We ordered our food and sat down, we ended up talking about something regarding school. While we were talking, I notice a black Toyota truck pull up and parked next to my car. Then a man dressed all in black entered. He stared right at me with this hatred look and made an order. When my cousin and I were done eating we headed outside, and my cousin notice the man leaving at the same time. We both quickly got into the car and locked all the doors. At that moment my sister was calling, and she needed me to pick up my nephew for her at her friend's house. I pulled out and went down the street. I got to her friend's house but got a bad vibe from the place. I got my nephew and had him go to the car with my cousin as I had a conversation with my sister's friend. I got into the car and asked my nephew " Jaylen do you want to go to my house until your mother picks you up later or I drive you down there" which he responded "Yes". Before I backed up, I heard Christian say " Mike, isn't that the Toyota truck that was at the Popeyes" I turned and almost froze. "Yeah Man that's the truck" I backed up and headed home but notice the truck would take every turn that we do. I soon lost him when I took the highway. I went home glad that we lost him. But soon the happiness wouldn't last. It was around 4 pm, Jaylen was napping on the couch and Christian was watching Tv. I was sitting next to Christian when I heard a car door slam. I knew it couldn't have been my mother because she wouldn't be back from work until 10 and my sister wouldn't until 8. I looked through the window and saw the black Toyota. I told Christian “Quickly turn off the tv and take Jaylen to my room." He didn't ask any questions and quickly did as he was told. Then he came back downstairs and handed me my phone. I called 911 and they said they'd be there in 5 minutes. Then we heard the backdoor's window shatter. Christian and I both ran upstairs and locked ourselves in my room. The man said out loud " Christian!! Mike!! I know your both here" We both didn't know how the hell this man knew our names... we waited and heard him coming up the steps. At that moment Jaylen woke up and saw our frightened faces. He whispered what's going on. I said don't worry just stay quiet. Then I sent a message to my mother and  sister. Then the man got to our door and tried to open it. Seeing that it was locked he tried to ram himself into the door. I rushed Jaylen to my closet and closed the door. The man got in and Christian and I tackled him down and after that my mind went blank and I couldn't remember anything. I woke up on my bed and I asked Christian what happened. Christian told me that while we were fighting the man, he punched me and I got angry and punched him in his face and then I did my favorite wrestling submission move, The Figure 4 Leg Lock. The man was screaming to get off him and that's when we heard the sirens. Christian ran downstairs to get the police upstairs and that's when Jaylen came out and ran after Christian. Then when the police got in, they saw me bridge up into The Figure 8 and that's when they had to pull me off the guy to free him. Then that's when Christian was aiming to hit the man with my bat and he accidently hit me which is why I blacked out apparently. The important part was we were all ok and that man is locked up behind bars. My sister took Jaylen home and my mother asked am i ok and i replied "Yes" Always make sure to know your surroundings and if you are being followed contact the police immediately. 

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