3 years ago, me and my friends, about 3 were walking in the park at midnight, we were joking or goofing off. It was very fun. Me and one of my friends went to the restroom as my other friends waited outside the bathroom.

When we were done washing out hands, we heard banging in one of the stalls, we jumped in shock. We both turned around and went to the stall we thought the sound came from. We knocked on the stall but there was no answer at first.

10 seconds later,we tried again and asked if anyone was there and needed some help, there was still no answer. We then shrugged it off and walked out the restroom. Me and my friends continued walking around the park, playing around.

Three minutes later, we all saw this guy taking a piss on the slide, we were laughing and began joking around. It was very immature of us. The guy then zipped his pants up slowly approached us. One of my friends shouted out "GO BACK TO TAKING A PISS ON THAT SLIDE!", I punched his arm lightly.

After about 30 seconds, the guy pulled out a bloody pocket knife and ran at us. We all began running very quickly. His hood fell off and we say his face, he had a little wrinkles. I guessed he was in his mid-40s. We then stopped, turning around, seeing the guy smiling at us, it wasn't a kind one, more of a menacing smile. We began running again

After 5 minutes of running, we thought we were far enough and so we stopped. We walked to an abandoned building, catching out breaths. One of my friends said "That was close, are any of you okay?" We all replied with a yes.

8 minutes later, an officer pulled up and questioned us saying, "Why aren't you guys at home sleeping?". I replied with, "We were being chased by a guy holding a bloody pocket knife.", the officer said "Tell me what he looks like.", I replied with "Black hoodie, ripped pants, no shoes, grey hair and he is in his mid-40s, I guess.". The officer would say, "Alright,get in the car, I'll make sure you guys get to your homes safely."

30 minutes later, I arrived at my home, I knocked on my door and my mom opened the door, asking where I've been, I replied with "I have been at the park with my friends.". The officer would walk over telling her about what I told him, she then scolded me for about 10 minutes, then we went to bed, till this day I still won't forget that creepy smile and face.
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