I live in a small town in utah. Small enough that late at night no one can be seen for hours at a time. It was a fall day, not yet cold but you could feel fall it in the air. For fun me and my friends often drive around in my truck late trying to find some trouble to get into. This late night was different, instead of finding a mischief we found something far more disturbing.
It was around 2oam, a time when no one but us was stupid enough to be out riding around. We are laughing and joking about one of our friends that frequently is making a fool of himself when we drive past a small park near the edge of town. As we drive past we see a younger man he couldn't have been taller that me, 6 foot , standing in the road. he was wearing nothing but a pair of old worn out jeans. I only got a short look but there was something off about him, his face was strange as if his proportions were wrong. As soon as he sees the truck he bolts into the park. As he runs through the park we realize he is moving inhumanly fast. Massive strides spanning 15 or so feet. In this park there is a walking path but it is large enough to get a full size truck down it. In a split second we decide to follow. Before we make it in to park to follow he is gone, out of sight. Seeing as there is nothing to follow now that he is out of sight I pull out of the park. At this point we see him once more, running in the same way. Then he stops from full sprint to dead stopped maybe 100 yards away he then turns and looks right at us. We all sat in silence as this thing stares into our souls. It then as fast as he had come to a complete stop he hit full sprint once more. never to be see again.
I don't know what it was or who it was but I know for sure this for sure, I am going to be watching my back the next time I visit that park.
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