I’ve only ever told this story to my best friend, who agrees my house wasn’t a normal house. When I was 7 years old, I’m now 23 but my my mom moved in with her boyfriend who later became my step-dad. The house we moved in seemed fine until maybe a month or 2 later, one night I woke up and heard a really really loud crashing in the kitchen, so loud everyone woke up, I knew something was wrong so I got my older brother and he said it sounded like an ice tray. my whole family checked the kitchen and when we got there, nothing was found, everything was in place, I knew something was wrong at the moment, I couldn’t sleep because I felt like I was seeing shadows, around 5am i was still awake and I realized I couldn’t move. my eyes were fine but my legs and arms I couldn’t move at all. I was scared shitless and begin crying. This felt like it was hours and hours but in reality it was only maybe thirty seconds, when I could’ve finally moved again I screamed for my mom and she came running in my room, at this point she knew something was wrong with the house, as she stated to me that she heard things and see items misplaced when no one was home, needless to say 3 months later we moved out that shithole house, but what’s weird about this is another family moved in, then moved out a month later, til this day the house is still vacant and now I believe something is definitely creepy about that house.
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