Several years ago I lived in an apartment that was nestled right up against this thick patch of woods, which my girlfriend (now wife) and I had taken long walks in several times. There was a nice little creek, and a stinky bog deeper in the woods. We lived on the second floor, and there was this beautiful old tree we could see from our bedroom window and our deck that was this really old hickory tree that was about four feet in diameter and the lowest branch was about seven feet high. It was our favorite tree while we lived at those apartments. Several strange instances happened while I lived at this apartment, but I'm going to cover one now that was probably the single coolest thing that has ever happened to me, and was more beautiful and surreal than it was scary.

We had been living in our apartment for a few years together, it is one of those that just has essentially a stairwell outside the front door that connects the front doors of all the apartments on each level with a small square-ish landing. These were not the nicest apartments in the world, but they were what we could afford at the time. I had to take the trash out late one autumn night, it was close to midnight. The dumpster was thankfully located just a short jaunt away from our building on the edge of the woods - maybe sixty yards at most- far enough away to not have to smell the stink of garbage on hot summer days. I had the bag of trash in my hand, and was walking toward the dumpster when I heard a rustling in the bushes to my right. The hair on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and i took the last few steps towards the dumpster and threw the trashbag into it. When I turned around, a small grey fox was standing in the middle of the parking lot staring at me. We were both frozen in place. I waved to it and it kept moving.

I know what you all are thinking,
"This isn't supernatural, why are you telling us this?"

Well, dear listener, the answer to that is simple, I just haven't gotten to the supernatural part yet. When I got back into the apartment, I told my wife about what had happened. We both thought it was really amazing. We are very huge animal lovers and enjoy seeing animals of all kinds, we have a healthy respect for nature and keep our distance while admiring animals.

So for a solid week after this sighting, I had the strangest dreams about foxes, they were dancing around our apartment in my dreams and I recall one where I looked out of the window by my bed and saw several of them chasing around these small blueish white flames that were floating in the air, I believe that these were foxfire, not sure what else they could have been given the circumstances. I woke up feeling refreshed and energized after these dreams. I was really sad when I woke up one morning and didn't remember my dreams from the night before, as I thought this meant an end to my beautiful dreams.

I got up at six am to get ready for work, while it was still dark outside. I get ready pretty quick, and was out the door by about six twenty five, and the sun hadn't crested over the trees yet. I walked out the door, turned around and locked it, and walked down the few flights of stairs to the spot I had parked my car. I unlocked the door and went to get in, but as I was turning to sit down, I noticed something huge standing near the tree in front of our apartment balcony. Underneath the tree was the most massive white fox I have ever seen before or since. It's head while it was sitting was as tall as the lowest branch on the old hickory tree (about seven feet). It was almost shining with an inner glow it was so bright white, it had more than one tail, and the longest legs I'd ever seen on a fox. Then it looked at me, and it smiled, then it stood up and bounded away, but instead of vanishing into the distance, it just vanished as it left the area of the tree, like it jumped behind some invisible barrier or into a hole in reality of some kind. I stood dumbstruck for a about ten minutes after it happened. While it was going on I felt no fear and actually felt like it had been waiting there for me. Foxes have always been my favorite animal since I was a child, and I'd always enjoyed sightings of them growing up. Whenever we went to the zoo when I was a kid I'd always want to go see the foxes first thing when we got there and again before we left.

This event left me feeling fulfilled in a way I still can't fully explain, but it was so beautiful and amazing I wanted to share it with everyone. Not everything that goes bump in the night is something to be feared, and sometimes the things you can't explain can be beautiful instead of terrifying.
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