In the summer of 2016 I was part of a large week long airsoft event, I was one of 15,000 airsofters who came out to be in this event. I was part of the 552nd infantry battalion, Condor Company, 3 squad, I was in Fire Team Bravo  and I was given the rank of Specialist. It was day 2 when my squad was holding a bridge head 2.5 clicks from division HQ with 1 squad from Tango Company, which was part of the 19th mechanized infantry battalion. We had dug in, three fighting holes on each side of the road both before and after the bridge, my squad leader had put our belt fed in the inner most fighting hole, and the squad lead from the other squad had put their belt fed on the other side of the bridge, it was getting late and I was eating an MRE when one of the guys on watch yelled, “Contact, left side, 20 meters out.” And all hell broke loose, the 240 in the inner most hole let off bursts of 10 BBs until the gun was dry, one of the guys in 1 squad fired a 40mm BB grenade from the 203 on his rifle, I jump up from under the makeshift shelter in the hole I’m in and start engaging what I though was a ~6ft tall hostile carrying a bulky shotgun or SAW wearing a guilly suit, I only realized that I was in fact not shooting a man with my rifle, but a 7ft tall Sasquatch or skunk ape carrying a tree branch when it went crashing through the trees and Jaggers and ran down and into the 4 ft tall recently flooded river that had swept away one of the Op4 guys much earlier into the day, up the near vertical 3ft embankment on the other side and hauled ass into the woods on the far side of the road towards division HQ, one of the guys from 1 squad had his deer rifle chambered in .30-.30 in the HMMV because there is a coyote problem in the area, and I had my Chiapa Rhino chambered in .44 magnum in my assault ruck for the same reason, I immediately pulled out my hand cannon and a couple speed loaders of some really nasty Corbin Power Ball (a type of self defense ammo that takes a regular jacketed hollow point round and adds a steel, brass, copper, or lead ball into the cavity in the bullet, the ball has the effect of making the bullet expand more than it would have if it just had an empty hole, it also might dislodge itself from the bullet and create a separate wound channel inside the body) and jumped out of the hole, as I was doing this the other guy was digging in the tool case on the side of the HMMV’s bed to get his rifle because he had put it in the back of the tool case in a soft case and he had to dig past a whole bunch of other crap. I saw this and waited because cold is back when brother is not there to watch it, meaning I didn’t want to go hunt a Gulf Delta Pissed off Big foot in the woods by myself with only a 6 shot .44. The other guy got to me and we entered the woods, which was uneventful, we didn’t see the thing after that encounter, and I was forever my squad was forever known as Sasquatch hunter because of it.
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