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I was a young mother living in rural Pennsylvania, my husband had just broken his leg in a terrible work accident and was on disability. We had just started building a log cabin home on some acarage at the base of a ridge line, our property was pretty far from the main road, you had to turn off the 2 lane road onto a country lane, and then into our driveway which went through some trees and back into the deep woods where our homesite was. The house needed finished, but we where living there doing everything we could to make ends meet. So I had to get a job, the only thing available at the time was a factory overnight shift which started at 11pm. 
    One friday night I eased out of our driveway onto the county lane, making a left onto the 2 lane road that leads back to town.  Winding around bends and curves until I got near the first intersection, it was a 3 way stop sign, where another country road came down off the ridge.  I had stopped here hundreds of times, pausing and looking up that hill, but tonight there where tail lights glowing in the darkness, blocking my way to the stop sign, the car in front seemed to be stopped a long time but there where no hazard lights or signals to go around so I stopped behind them quizzically wondering what was wrong and why they where stopped. I watched, waiting to see if they would proceed through the intersection, they didnt, soon the driver door opened and a large man got out. 
      He was a bit rough looking, but not unlike the other hard working country people I often saw around town. He began walking toward my door and I rolled my window down a crack waiting to see what trivial thing was keeping me from getting to my shift on time.  He looked down at me through my dark window, it seemed like he was trying at assess me, he also glanced into the back of my car as if to see if I was alone.  I still wasn't to frightened,  my driver door was locked and I had only rolled my window down a few inches. As the man began to describe some kinda car trouble, I automatically started to tell him I wasn't able to help in anyway not knowing anything about cars myself. "I just need a jump" he said. This immediately rang an alarm bell in my head, his lights where on, I had seen the taillights from far off as I approached this intersection. He didnt have his flashers on to indicate any car trouble and if his car truly was dead and needed a jump his lights would be off or faint and dying. Instead they where still bright in front of me. Next, the man asked again for jumper cables and asked me to get out and look in my trunk for them. "No" i insisted.  "I can't help, I'm late for work as it is". The man became even more assertive  insisting that I help them, but not in a pleading, begging way of a person truly stranded, in a dominate commanding voice that scared and irritated me. I'M NOT GETTING OUT OF MY CAR I again asserted raising my voice with a hint of fear and panic creeping in. 
    At that moment I seen a shadow move near my passenger door and looked over just in time to see another man opening my door. That was it. I reacted in the only way I could. I slammed the car into drive and pushed my foot on the accelerator, jerking the wheel as I swirved around the parked car and driving blindly through the quiet intersection. My adrenaline was pumping as I looked in the rearview mirror to see what had happened to the men. I could still see thier headlights fading in the distance as I roared my old car as hard as I could up the winding 2 lane road into town. My mind was going a mile a minute and so was my car. I knew I had to get off this road in case they followed me, once I was around a few bends and didnt see thier headlights anymore I quickly turned onto another country lane that I knew wound around a golf course and was a back way into town. I finally started to calm down once i seen the street lights and business appear around me. 
   Then the reality of the situation started to hit me, i was terrified, i didnt know what thier intent was, to steal me? My car? Just to hurt or assult me? I didnt know. I found myself pulling into works parking lot and once I parked my car and shut the engine off I was racked with sobs and fear again as I broke down holding my hands over my face and letting tears flow freely down my face.
   A coworker noticed me and got me out of the car  and walked me into the building where I recounted my story to her and the manager on duty. They helped me call the police and report the incident and then I was able to call my husband and tell him too. They offered to let me go home for the night, but I wouldnt go, I needed the money and I wasn't enjoying he idea of driving back the same route again so soon. So I stayed, took a trip to the bathroom to clean up and get my head straight and went to work. 
   In the morning I went home, hugged my husband and son close and really counted my lucky stars I had come through this safely.  I still drive that way to work over 30 years later as do both my sons. By now I've driven through that stop sign thousands of times, most of the time I dont think about that incident all those years ago,  but I still tell the story so that maybe my boys and thier families will be more cautious and safe on their travels. 
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