My son claims to have seen an ostrich-like reptile on a main boulevard, running on the sidewalk alongside our car.  It looked like some sort of gallimimus.  It was very fast, it kept up with the car! 

Earlier that day, while he was on a fire drill at school, he had seen something that looked a lot like a baby triceratops.  He considered picking it up, but he knew he’d get in trouble with his second grade teacher.  After school,  he and his friend went looking for the creature - but it was gone!

That evening he thought he saw an egret in the sky above the car, but it was way too big.  It had claws on its wings, a small, stubby tail, a long beak and a long crest coming out of its head.  He looked a little to the right and then to his left, and saw more than one of them!

To this day, he still claims to see more of the flying reptiles on Staten Island. 

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Silver Bullet54
With all due respect, this story is far too short, very suspect, and just plain bland. Without any meaty information, this story seems like something posted more for attention than an actual account. I've noticed that DP looks for stories at least a few paragraphs long. With so little posted, he really has nothing to work with.
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