Hello, my name is Dan and I had something happen recently that shook me to the bone. I am from a small town in Texas, which means our police force is smaller than others.

This contributes to the story later. Ok, this story took place in April 2019. I was walking home from my part-time job after and endless, monotonous day of work. 

I was just settling in when I heard a knock at the door. Confused I walked to the door and said, “Hello?”. No answer. I look through the peephole and gasp in surprise. I see a man, balding, late 50s with missing teeth smiling through the peephole. At this point I call 911, but as I told you we have about only 5 officers on duty, so the response time was slow.

Once the cops came after about 30 minutes, it was too late the guy was gone. Now, that was just one of the many creepy instances of that same strange, creepy man looking through my peephole. 

Now it wasn’t that creepy until I figured how he was getting to my house. One day I was getting in my car to drive away from that emotional drain known as work when I noticed a man sitting in his car staring at me.

Now, I thought that was weird but just brushed it off like he wasn’t staring at me. But, once I put my keys in the ignition I heard his car start up also.

Now I’m going to skip the boring drive of about 20 minutes, but the thing you need to know is that when I parked in my driveway, I saw the man park his car about a block away.

Now this is when I put 911 on dial. I was certain this was the man who was knocking on my door almost everyday, who also gave me the creeps. Being creeped out, I walked out of my car slowly, basically tip toeing, and I quickly put the key in the keyhole.

I speedily ran inside and locked the door, breathing heavily and falling back against the door. After about a minute I heard the dreaded ding dong of the doorbell. Now I was on the line with an operator explaining the situation.

 Most of the time, the guy rang the doorbell a couple of times and walked away. But this time, he heard me on the line with an operator and started pounding on the door heavily. 

Now, my door is older and I knew if he banged on the door with more strength, it had the possibility of caving in. The operator said the cops would be there in 10 minutes.

At the tine I was freaked out so I screamed in a weak, shaky voice,”Leave me alone, I have the cops on the way!” This seemed to set him back a bit, but after about 2 minutes, he started banging on the door again. 

At this point the operator said the police were going as fast as they could and would now be there in 5 minutes. I was a little relieved but still had 5 minutes to make up an excuse to keep the guy waiting.

I was shaking but came up with a plan to have a slow conversation with him. I know sounds stupid but it held him off in time for the police to come and arrest him.

They investigated him and it turns out he had also kidnapped a 16 year old prior to the incident. They freed the teenager from his captivity and it turns out he was missing for 2 months. It also turns out the creepy man was following me home almost everyday for a couple of weeks.

I lastly have a warning for you all, be careful and always be alert to your surroundings, trust me it’ll help you later in life.
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This story was very interesting 
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