Now this happened to me a couple of days ago. I live in florida. My house is roughly a half mile from a pond i like to fish in. I often ride my longboard down there to try and catch a few fish after school. I got there and all seemed normal. I started fishing. Then i heard it. Rustling of leaves in the trees behind me. I looked back and saw nothing. I shook it off and kept fishing. I heard it again at least 9 time before i finally decided to go look. That was a Bad decision. When i pulled back some bushes, i saw it. About a 6 or 7 foot alligator. At this point i was horrified but kept my cool. I turned around slowly and began to slowly walk back to my stuff and pack it up. While i was packing up the thing sprinted into the water and darted across the pond in about 10 seconds. I started to run fast with all my stuff. I managed to pick up a rock on the way and i hit it in the nose. That pissed the thing off even more. I finally made it to the gas station and the thing stopped at the road. Because of a passing truck. Needless to say, i now always carry a knife while I'm down there, because i know it will be back
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