I posted about my issue with a crawler-like creature a few days ago, it vanished without a trace after stalking me as a child. but it came back to me recently, and its a lot more aggressive.

like said I recently saw it outside my patio door one night, only for it to disappear once again. I haven't been able to sleep, I've known it would be back now that it's found me again. it came late last night, tapping against the glass and laughing at me and beckoning me to come to it. it tried to ignore it, I really did but it was like I was hearing its voice inside my head if that even makes any sense? I went upstairs in a vain attempt to put distance between me and it, I locked myself in my room and pulled the curtains, sitting on the floor to wait out the night.

around 10-15 minutes pass and the tapping had just stopped, only to replaced with a loud creak and heavy footsteps on the hardwood floor downstairs, my heart almost stopped, I realized that it was now inside the house. the footsteps gradually got louder and louder, it getting closer and closer to my door, until the stop right outside. I can see the shadows of its feet from the hallway light from the bottom of the door.
I'm not a massively religious person, but I broke down on my knees and prayed to whoever or whatever would listen as it could here it fiddle with the doorknob and raking its nails down the door. I was so focused so much on praying that I didn't even realize that hours had passed and the sun had now risen, there was also no more sounds in the house. terrified, I open my bedroom door to find long dents in my door where it dragged its claws and muddy footprints coming from downstairs, I follow them back down to the patio door, which was strangely still locked and secure. I have no idea how it managed to get inside.

even as I write this I can feel eyes on me, ive given it up hope of losing this thing, if I move im almost sure it would just find me again, it won't stop until it finally got me. I've nobody to talk to about this without sounding like a complete lunatic, believe me ive tried.

because I don't see myself being able to get rid of it,as i think it has somehow attached itself to me, to those reading, please consider my story a warning, I don't know if this thing has any other victims or if theres other people in my situation but know this, there are things in this world that cannot be explained through normal means, and you should always take caution.
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