Before I begin, I have always been sensitive to the paranormal, maybe it has to do with having ancestors that date back to the Salem witch trials, or maybe it's just my luck. It was around 11 pm My cousin, her boyfriend and I were out driving around exploring places. Our first stop was a little forest that over looked a lake. It wasn't real exciting so we left. My cousin Abby, she had an idea to go somewhere haunted, we all get back in the car and start to drive. My cousin mentions an abandoned place called "St colletas." Back in the 30s St colletas was an institution for the mentally ill/disabled. She starts telling the story of what happened the last time she went to St colletas with a friend, let's call her friend 'ali,' my cousin explains "it wasn't a late night, it was around 11:30, me and Ali drive up and I heard a noise so I stopped the car. When I stopped the car everything goes silent. All of a sudden a black misty cloud starts forming in front of the car and we hear an inhuman noise. We start driving away and I hear churchbells, I looked at Ali and asked her if she hears the church bells. Ali looks at me confused, "Abby there's no churches around here."
After my cousin gets done with her story, I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. We drive for 20 minutes and we get their. As we drove past, we notice a cemetery next to it, I had the same uneasy feeling but we didn't see anything. My cousin had the idea to drive past again since nothing happened, so she turns around and drives past again. The second we drove away, her boyfriend screames "DID YOU SEE THAT! I JUST SAW SOMETHING ON THE SIDE OF THE CAR." but no one saw anything. We drive for 5 minutes and my cousin stops the car, and sits their silently. Her boyfriend let's call him 'c,' he looks at her "babe what's wrong why did you stop the car"
my cousin: unresponsive?
c: babe?
i then concernly ask 'abby are you okay'
my cousin turns her head in and unatural way "everything is fine I'm okay" in a creepy disorientated voice. She then starts giggling in a creepy way, for a good minute straight. It was extremely unsettling, her boyfriend's turns around looks at me and mouths "wtf is she okay" then my cousin says "everything is fine" and starts giggling even more. Goosebumps start forming all over me and then I hear a deep male breathing sound coming from the back of the car, I look back and see nothing. I turned back around and my cousin is making un natural body movements, she stops the car again and leans forward into her steering wheel.
c asks "why are we stopping again what's going on"
unresponsive, she starts driving again but in the weird position she was sitting in. me and c exchange another freaked out look and Abby starts laughing "Everything is too bright it hurts my eyes." But the thing was, nothing was bright, it was dark out and there wasn't any other cars in sight. We finally get back to town, and like a light switch being flipped she perks up and turns back to normal as if nothing happened.
c "are you good now" Abby looked confused "what are you talking about"
c"you were acting as if you were possessed for 15 minutes"
me: 'dude you were acting really creepy, I've never seen you act like that, it was as if something was controlling you.'
We get back to my cousin's and I ask her if she even remembers what happened. She tells me for a good 15-20 minutes, she felt as if she wasn't here, like she was going in and out. Now I promise you, my cousin was sober, but something was just not right, it's as if something was controlling her, ever since we drove past St colletas the second time, until we got back into town it was as if she was possessed. I think we provoked something the second time we went back. Never will I go back to St colletas
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