This started at primary school, you Americans call it Kindergarten the bell rang for playtime.

I stayed upstairs for a bit as I like trains and you got a pretty good view of them from upstairs. Whilst I was waiting I saw the door move then suddenly the stairs started to creak.

I ran downstairs as quickly as I could, at this point I didn’t care that I didn’t see the trains. About a week later, the higher grade went on a residential trip as it was nearly time for high school.

When they were gone our teachers decided to not use the upstairs classroom. However, we kept our coats and bags upstairs. When I went upstairs the chairs moved on their own.

Later that night I couldn’t get to sleep so I went to get a book. As I did, something tapped on my window. I don’t want to experience anything like that again, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
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