Two stories. First one, 13 years old. I was watching Ghost Hunters, ironically enough, and I was falling asleep on my bed. Added detail, my tablet is charging at the end of my bed near my feet. Out of nowhere my dog jumps up and starts barking like mad and my bed shakes super violently. While it shakes, my tablet flies off the bed and hits the wall so I jump up and run to my living room, yelling for my mom. She didn’t believe what I told her and I just decided to go back to my room. When I look under my bed to find the tablet, it’s directly in the middle underneath my bed. Safe to say I was shocked. And could barely sleep that night
Second story, I was 14 years old. I wake up at 3 am for no reason and slowly open my eyes. On my wall, I see this shadow of a person. I start to hold my breath of out of fear and I slowly turn in the direction of the window, where the shadow would’ve been cast from. I see a dark figure standing in front of my closet. My first instinct was that someone broke into my parents house. I gather my courage for a few minutes and I jump up really fast, flick on the light, and grab whatever’s closest to Me and turn around. When I do, there’s nothing there and I sigh in relief. But as I turn off the lights to get back into bed, both the figure and the shadow were completely gone. I don’t know how I fell right back to sleep afterwards.
Adding onto I haven’t had anything story - worthy other than I’ve heard knocks on my window, voices in my ear, my tv turning on by itself around 3 am I’ve also felt a pressure, like someone sitting on my foot once and then my dog will just stare at random places or lean her head to look past me at nothing there.
(You don’t have to add this) I once took her outside and she immediately went into full guard mode and started growling, the scruff of her neck raising up. She’s never done that before with people, animals, or anyone. I’ve never heard her growl. But for some reason she was growling at literally nothing and acting protective over me. I can’t explain any of it
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