Danía Oneill
I have been wanting to share this one encounter for awhile. Yes I say encounter because if if I say story, it takes away from an actual real life encounter. Being born Irish, I may take license here because we tend to be superstitious. Yet I grew up every summer in the states. I had a cousin. More like my sister.

We shared everything together.

As we grew older, she went one way, and I followed my parents path to be brought up abroad. This last summer I spent with here, she was looking through her vanity. I watched from aside. We made eye contact, and somehow I just knew this was the last time we would ever see each other. As we made eye contact, I just somehow know she was feeling the same. Yet neither of us knew how to stop it. I went to my parents house. Ironically with her sister who I never felt a connection with.

My mum always retired early. So at about 9:00 pm we received a call on the landline. I picked up. I heard my aunt crying in the background. My uncle just saying, “put your mum on the line” I did.

Yet I stayed on the other end. Still hearing my aunt in the background crying hysterically my uncle just told my mum “Just get here. It is bad” We were headed to the hospital. I was in the passenger seat.

When all of a sudden I saw my cousin laid out in a coffin. I saw what she was wearing, along with the many momentous that people laid out beside her. Just for reference I was 17 she 19 when she died. It took a year for me to explain to myself when I went to her coffin, every thing I saw in my vision was there. In order of her clothing as to what multiple things people put in her coffin. I only cried a year later. When I accepted her death. And I admit I was angry. I never want to see a ghost. Yet since she died I have always felt my bedside go down. As is someone sat down. I have never felt fear.

Just calm.

And after a time I feel the bed go up as if someone left the bed. Since then I have had multiple people I love leave this plane.

Those are different stories that and will not tell them here. I can say however, I have never felt fear. If you wish to talk to me about these experiences in their entirety my email is daniaeoneill@gmail.com sorry, I did not check this. For typos
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